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8 temperature sensors are connected(4 shown in diagram for simplicity).values of all the sensors are sent serially by uc to pc.
software DAQ System take these values and show them on its front panel,and also logg them to the data base daq.mdb.we can set some parameters like
set point
low limit
and high limit . when temperature of some sensor increases beyond set point ....the heater connected to controller(specific for data sensor) will be turned off / and on in opposite case.and high limit and low limits are for alarm.when temperature goes above high limit or below low limit the alarm will be turned on.

other features coming soon in DAQ 1.1 version including labview portion

Here is a screenshot of Panel view:






16 Dec 2007: 07:09 AM
wat is the modem cost
16 Dec 2007: 07:16 AM
there is no modem used?!!??
27 Dec 2007: 01:41 AM
Hi Abbas, U r Project Concept is good.
But I think U should use higher resolution ADC with serial interface.
Such as mcp3202 ,...etc.
27 Dec 2007: 06:12 AM
Hi kisshor,
make it better and share it with us
Abbas did a very good job with whole thing..
Shailesh NAYAK
27 Dec 2007: 06:39 AM
Hi, While compiling in VB I get compile error "CANT FIND PROJECT or Library" and Private Sub Form_Load() is highlighted. please help me
Shailesh NAYAK
29 Dec 2007: 00:45 AM
where I can get labview library for free ?
29 Dec 2007: 16:52 PM
@ Shailesh NAYAK
i cant understand y u getting error.code is complete and fully working.
Shailesh NAYAK
04 Jan 2008: 03:30 AM
Dear Abbas in componet i uncheck the labview component and it start working. but I wanted to know from where I can get labview component for free??? andl also wanted to know when you will release your new post for advance DAQ ?
10 Jan 2008: 15:25 PM
u have to install labview for this.its available free on some sites...
DAQ1.1 will be posted after few days :-)
Ajit Sampath
14 Jan 2008: 08:19 AM
Were you able to compile it?. I get the same error and I find no code for many controls like checkbox etc
aftab niaz
18 Jan 2008: 04:08 AM
Hi to all my dears
I make that data AQ system in different way and want to share with u so how can i share with u.
05 Feb 2008: 05:07 AM
sir im nt able to open this application file it is showing error.......
05 Feb 2008: 06:26 AM
sunitha please make use of forum and post the error you are getting. Abbas will help you in that.
05 Feb 2008: 10:22 AM
please send me the header file in C and source code in vb
05 Feb 2008: 14:25 PM

get header file at
05 Feb 2008: 23:20 PM
sir can you please give the pcb layout ?
06 Feb 2008: 00:42 AM
can u also post ur assembly program too
07 Feb 2008: 09:23 AM
thankyou sir for giving the link for reg 51.h, but i have another doubt in daq system microcontroller program, its only 0s and 1s please give the suitable program for sir.
08 Feb 2008: 01:43 AM
please give the microcontroller program in op code format sir
16 Feb 2008: 01:14 AM
i have successfully design your circuit in pcb layout sir, but i has some problem in software. please rectify that sir, in vb source code ask for a user name and password.
23 Feb 2008: 12:33 PM
27 Feb 2008: 15:16 PM
hi ajay/abbas,
when i am trying to compile the code its giving me the same error "unable to locate project",just wanted to know if this progarm has got any connection with labview software and this error has got something to do with labview? plz tell me hw it is connected to labview.plz to reply me as soon as possible.Thanks in advance.Bye
28 Feb 2008: 01:15 AM
Rads, Please use forum for all your answers
28 Feb 2008: 04:37 AM
where to go? please explain details. ajay dada
Virag Mehta
06 Mar 2008: 05:50 AM
Hello abbas,
In my project of Data Acquisition I had faced the problem for the Calibration.
the problem is that i get the data from com port tht is in decimal value but how to calibrate tht data in terms of temperature.... as i had used LM 35 which u had used in ur project......
sir plz help me out.......
thanking you..

07 Mar 2008: 01:54 AM
virag mehta!
post your problem in the forum.we will be always there to help you:-)
yogesh puri
18 Mar 2008: 06:40 AM
i am facing problem in software initialisation daq is a exe file.
error is activex component can'nt creat object. pl. help
yogesh puri
18 Mar 2008: 06:42 AM
dear pl.send me the pcb layout for the same .. thanks a lot
18 Mar 2008: 07:18 AM
r u getting error while running exe file or project fiile??
yogesh puri
22 Mar 2008: 12:40 PM
sir when i tries to run exe file.....
01 Apr 2008: 13:38 PM
cool project. very nicely coded. did not check it but know it will work . given me lots of ideas to work on. Thanks!
20 Apr 2008: 09:33 AM
hi dear Abbas;
when i compile with c++ i get error message
.\Debug\daq.exe.intermediate.manifest : general error c1010070: Failed to load and parse the manifest.
========== Build: 0 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========
20 Apr 2008: 09:34 AM
why can you explain pls.
thank you.
21 Apr 2008: 04:44 AM
what you are compiling with c++?? there is no use of c++
Ashok Saini
28 Apr 2008: 21:10 PM
Hi Abbas, U r Project is useful for the industries purpose.
so in the project ,While compiling in VB code we get compile error "CANT FIND PROJECT or Library" .so please help me ?
29 Apr 2008: 09:04 AM
@Ashok Saini
go to project-->references-->remove labview library here
23 May 2008: 20:59 PM
dear it is good job done by you. will you help me for the same project. i am also working in the same project.
26 May 2008: 11:00 AM
hi mr abas, While compiling in VB I get compile error "CANT FIND PROJECT or Library" and Private Sub Form_Load() is highlighted. please help me
30 May 2008: 23:30 PM
[blocked by admin]
16 Jul 2008: 12:37 PM
!danceplz send the measurement scheam of precision voltage up to 2.0000 Volt
16 Jul 2008: 12:55 PM
[u]U Can use 8051 for only digitization other wise analog one are more accurate
than digital

[ [lightbox=image_url|title|group|float][/lightbox]
Ahmed Amr
11 Aug 2008: 11:51 AM
hi abbas i really like this project but i just want to ask if there any layout for a pcb. thanx
06 Oct 2008: 07:24 AM
hello abbas.your project is very nice.i am for your next project.
please can you send me full discription of this project.
my email
25 Oct 2008: 15:12 PM
Thanks brother abbas and ajay.

nice codding with flexgrid, i am confuse with ur work, r u vb coder or 8051 coder, both are nice. if any upgrade make ( usb port or pic sorce) shoud be upload.

26 Oct 2008: 00:21 AM
Only for reciving from controller
pic 16f877a, compiler proton

'* Name : UNTITLED.BAS *
'* Author : MASUD RANA *
'* Notice : Copyright (c) 2008 MATRIX ELECTRONICS *
'* : All Rights Reserved *
'* Date : 10/15/2008 *
'* Version : 1.0 *
'* Notes : *
'* : *
Device 16F877A
Config xt_osc,pwrte_on,wdt_off,boden_off,LVP_OFF,CP_ALL,CPD_OFF,DEBUG_OFF,CP_OFF

Symbol Tx PORTC.6 ' Serial transmit 9600,8,N,1
Symbol Rx PORTC.7 ' Serial Receive 9600,8,N,1
ADIN_RES 10 ' Set the resolution to 10
ADIN_TAD FRC ' Choose the RC osc for ADC samples
ADIN_STIME 100 ' Allow 100us for charge time
ADCON1 = %10000000

Dim sense[8] As Word
Dim avar As Word
Dim coun As Byte
Dim X As Byte
PORTC = %11111110
TRISC = %10000100
TRISA = %111111
PORTA = %111111

TRISE = %111
PORTE = %111

DelayMS 1000
GoSub convert0
SerOut Tx, 84, ["N",Dec sense[0],",",Dec sense[1],",",Dec sense[2],",",Dec sense[3],",",Dec sense[4],",",Dec sense[5],",",Dec sense[6],",",Dec sense[7],","]
GoTo main


For X = 0 To 7 Next
avar = 0
For coun = 1 To 50 Next
sense[X] = ADIn X
avar = avar + sense[X]
sense[X] = avar / 50

19 Jan 2009: 12:18 PM

sir ur project is amazing. sir how can i aquire my data on daq which is displayed on hyperterminal.
19 Jan 2009: 12:21 PM
[plz help me][]
16 Feb 2009: 11:08 AM
can any one have layout of this project
16 Feb 2009: 20:40 PM
can anyone have layout of this project...
if you have send me on

26 Feb 2009: 23:25 PM
dear abbas sir
i m not able to write the proper code for das
i would really appreciate if you would send me the full code for the same also it would be of great help if you suggest/give proper software
you could send it to
21 Mar 2009: 04:18 AM
when start run then pc recieve the sense temprature but can not give any output from pc like A,B,,C,D,E,F,G,H. PLZ HELP ME BECAUSE my project is noe compliting.
kiran kumar A S
09 Apr 2009: 05:06 AM
Hello Mr. abbas your work is good cool,
we are also looking for same type of DAQ for our project "Experimentel studies on Forced Convection heat transfer through fins" both permeable and non permeable so we need read temperature readings from 30 different locations simultaneously so we r thinking to use such type of DAQs, but i am a mechanical engineering student i dont know about E&c so could you help me on the same i mean how best i can use this system fo the measurement of temp.. could you help me on this ie,
kiran kumar A S
09 Apr 2009: 05:13 AM
Dear sir could you send me the circuit diagram to read out temp from 30 thermocouples what are the necessary compenents required, what could be the approxi. cost of this project and how could i contact you personally Please reply to this .......
My 9739850537 and you can also mail me on this id and
03 May 2009: 11:05 AM
I want to know the application of the data acquisition and logging sytem...pdf of this system to know about it...please send pdf to
11 May 2009: 02:24 AM
pls help, my DAQ project is not working.i dont get VISUAL BASIC file, pls send me the .exe file, and files necessory for the project.
16 Jun 2009: 12:09 PM
values of capacitorr noyt given so plz can you give it...
21 Jul 2009: 08:05 AM
I got error in loading the daq.exe

the message displays.......

Component 'MSCOMM32.OCX' not correctly registered: file is missing or invalid.

plzz help me out.....i need this project.
23 Jul 2009: 16:01 PM
is this only for 1 sensor, code dosnt move for other sensors in proteus simulation.......only get data at IN0......could any1 help me in it plzzz ??
rahul k
01 Oct 2009: 10:26 AM
sir i want PCB layout of this project..from where should i get this?
ravi s
14 Oct 2009: 01:47 AM
hi abbas sir,
i m giving input thro only one temp. sensor to one input of ADC , but i am not getiing any data on PC with your DAQ.exe application i am using rs232 to usb convertor for my laptop use but not getting data on PC... also my 80 51 kit has direct USB intefacing also ... will your program work for USB interfacing ? ..plz help me
14 Oct 2009: 11:08 AM
can u please send me complete details of this project

rahul k.
14 Nov 2009: 12:05 PM
sir wat will happend if we nt using max 232 n interfacing with computer...and checkin output at output of ULN 2803.
thus we will get output or not??
16 Nov 2009: 15:42 PM
Its better to use forum rahul. You will surely get a reply
04 Feb 2010: 00:15 AM
hi.... can u tell me how do i begin with the project
04 Feb 2010: 23:51 PM
While running daq.exw i get a error saying Component 'MSCOMM32.OCX' not correctly registered: file is missing or invalid.
What to do now. I really need help regarding this !!!1
21 Mar 2010: 02:14 AM
can anybody plz post assmbly code for this project?

thnks in advance..
21 Mar 2010: 02:15 AM
can anybody plz post assmbly code for this project?

thnks in advance..

email id :-
Roopa Kulkarni
01 Apr 2010: 02:18 AM
I ave my students doing projrct on automation of gas plant. what is the requirement is to maintain the database of the trucks that carry the cylinder at the plant end and give the print command, so that this is obtained at the check post almost 500mts far. Problem here is we cannot use the PC as the voltage and current lead to problems.can we used 8051/8086 if so send ur comments to my mail
01 Apr 2010: 09:36 AM
use forum please.
01 Apr 2010: 13:35 PM
hi Abbas
its excellent work i realy like it, in it u mentioned that there is a software portion that is upcoming r u worked on it
zubair khan
11 Apr 2010: 09:14 AM
hi sir
PLZ give me DAQ software only
05 May 2010: 01:37 AM
Hi Abbas,
Grate project by you , but i am not able to measure temperature above 100c , can you please help me in modification of code to read temp above 100c . LM 35 which i imported can read upto 150C . Any tip to solve this problem ? pls help me out
20 Jul 2010: 04:12 AM
Hi Sir Abbas/Ajay
i am going to try this project i will need your help
13 Aug 2010: 07:32 AM
i wanna know completely about DAQS using 8051
vaibhav patil
23 Aug 2010: 04:21 AM
Sir I like your project so mutch.but will u please send me some details,like schimatic or circuit diagram or component list please.
my mail ID is
23 Aug 2010: 08:01 AM
everything is there in zip file just download it.
25 Aug 2010: 11:32 AM
dear ajay, i have problem with DAQ,
the micro send wrong temp to serial port , i check it with proteus, i think there is problem in C code ,plz help me thanks alot,:)
punit pundir
01 Oct 2010: 11:22 AM
please sir send me the report or data related to DAQ on
08 Oct 2010: 04:21 AM
15 Oct 2011: 17:03 PM
pls sir am new to embedded system, but i have interest on this project. can u assist me with a book on data acquisition or better a report on this design, pls i need reference for further reading. thanks so much
29 Mar 2012: 10:35 AM
[blocked by admin]
29 Mar 2012: 10:41 AM
bhai is u r project is running..... i am not able to sense proper temprature
29 Mar 2012: 10:46 AM
sir cau give me ur contact no so i can contact u .....because i am facing lots of problem in this gives only 47c.or 55c.......lm35 se koi farak nahi pad raha hai
05 Jul 2012: 01:23 AM
sir i like to do this project....can u guide me with full details
mahesh yadav
31 Aug 2012: 10:45 AM
when i am try to install the DAQ system.exe it gives me error......."the program can't start because MSVBVM50.DLL is missing from your computer".....what is it?
mahesh yadav
31 Aug 2012: 10:49 AM
can you send me a correct soft copy of this project on my mail "".......thanks
01 Sep 2012: 14:17 PM
you need vb6 runtime library. If you dont have vb6 library then whichever dll is missing you need to download and install it youself.
04 Mar 2013: 10:48 AM
I had the same problem as you, and in my case was OS. I change from Win 7 to XP, and after that I installed VB6, and now it works. Before I tried with win 7 and VB 2012 and the result was the same.
04 Mar 2013: 10:50 AM
I had the same problem as you, and in my case was OS. I change from Win 7 to XP, and after that I installed VB6, and now it works. Before I tried with win 7 and VB 2012 and the result was the same. Good luck!
04 Mar 2013: 10:52 AM
I had the same problem as you, and in my case was OS. I change from Win 7 to XP, and after that I installed VB6, and now it works. Before I tried with win 7 and VB 2012 and the result was the same.Try like me, and see the result.
22 Jul 2013: 07:48 AM
nice project !! i want to work on it. can u please tell me which software is used here to make the user interface?? vb or labview ??
31 Jul 2013: 01:22 AM
Its VB.
04 Aug 2013: 08:18 AM
Can you design DAQ software on Matlab-GUI.
daiva prasad
04 Feb 2014: 12:36 PM
please send documentation
15 Feb 2014: 06:42 AM
Hi... Sir ur work is superb.I want to do this as my summer project.Will you help me out?Can we have a detail of it and contact on call?? Please help me....

01 Mar 2014: 07:11 AM
Nice projected diligently presented. May allah bless you. Thx
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Thu Apr 17 2014, 01:23 PM
@mba Great .. please do.
Thu Apr 17 2014, 12:27 AM
like the forum and wish to participate
Wed Apr 16 2014, 04:45 PM should read my comment just before your post
Wed Apr 16 2014, 01:43 PM
I'm doing a drive system with SIM900D modem and microcontroller AT89S52 via sms. I'm having trouble can not generate the. Hex to send to the microcontroller, whenever I compile the error, I'm using MCU 8051 IDE, what should I do so that my system receive sms and perform my task?
Mon Apr 14 2014, 01:00 PM
@Haranadh,bipin chandra etc. Create threads for your questions.
Sun Apr 13 2014, 04:05 AM
we bought HC 06 Bluetooth modem instead of Module ,Can any one help me of using it as bluetooth module since i am doing this project?
Sun Apr 13 2014, 03:58 AM
Hi,Actually we bought Bluetooth modem instead of Bluetooth Module
Sat Apr 12 2014, 02:55 PM
Please use forum if you want to ask a question.
Sat Apr 12 2014, 01:06 PM
Hi Ahana,I can Help you on this
Sat Apr 12 2014, 03:51 AM
bipin chandra
can anybody help me. we are making a project to control the position of dc motor. so there we need to interface lcd screen and the 4X3 memberane keypad and a dc motor driver chip. can anybody please give me the complete circuit diagram connection of these components with the 8051.and alse help in the programming. my email id is
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