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Project tested and working perfectly

EVM is capable of saving considerable printing stationery and transport of large volumes of electoral material. It is easy to transport, store, and maintain. It completely rules out the chance of invalid votes. Its use results in reduction of polling time, resulting in fewer problems in electoral preparations, law and order, candidates' expenditure, etc. and easy and accurate counting without any mischief at the counting centre. It is also eco friendly.

Our EVM consists mainly of two units - (a) Control Unit (CU) and (b) Ballot Unit (BU) with cable for connecting it with Control unit. Both the units consists of one microcontroller (8052) each. The CU consists of one LCD, one hex keypad and a couple of switches, while BU consists of a candidate panel, a votecast panel and a buzzer, etc.

This project is based on assembly language programming. The software platform used in this project are Keil uVision3 and SPIPGM37.

Important Information:
Please Read this carefully as explained to me by author

i forgot to mention one thing missing in report n coding as well.
actually, in main function of control unit program as soon as controller
enters in it check the value of variable named "status" that resides in
EEPROM. If status is 1 then voting start else no voting.

if the EEPROM is new or fresh, status will have some garbage value
or 0xFF. which can be a problem on first startup.

So a small program is written to clear that status byte.

After you finish making the hardware. You have to do the following things:

1. Load cufirst.hex file in your controller.
2. Run your circuit.
3. Wait for 2-3 seconds.
4. Load voting.hex which is the real control unit program.
5. Run it.


Please use forum if you have any problem.

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mussab el rasheed
26 May 2008: 02:12 AM
if you give me chance :bye
i suggest that we use finger-print sensor so as to ensure that the one votes only for one time .
when he tries to vote for the second time he will be detected by comparing his finger-print that stored at the first time with the second one .
thanks :-s
26 May 2008: 07:37 AM
hi geetika,
nice of u to contribute ur project.

@ mussab, really nice suggestion given. would have been really useful even for a real voting scenario to pervent bogus voting.
27 May 2008: 01:51 AM
i'd like to explain a bit abt how dis EVM and other EVM's dat r currently in use, avoid dis thing of "having more than one vote by a single person". when a voter presses d button on ballot
unit, one vote gets counted (dis thing takes some micro/milliseconds), after dis d ballot unit gets disabled (dis is
done thru programming), ie, even if smone presses a button frm ballot unit, no vote wud get counted.( n no human
being can be fast enuf to press a button at a difference of few micro/ millisec) now d ballot unit gets enabled again by
pressing a "ballot button" provided at d control unit panel, n dis button is under direct control of presiding officer, so unless he presses dis button, d ballot unit remains disabled.

so, dont u think dat finger sensor wud lead to unnecessary complexity?? wats ur opinion?

27 May 2008: 01:53 AM
thanq sir.... d reason of contributing dis project is dat i owe dis project to dis very site, d forum n sm ppl like...... i need nt mention d names again,isnt it
n dis ws d only way i kud return a bit of wat i hav recieved
27 May 2008: 01:54 AM
ajay sir,
dont u think dat it wud be better to hav d ckt of controlunit on dis page instead of d pic of microcontroller panel??? wat do u say?
27 May 2008: 04:26 AM
sure as you say.. you're the author
۞ TPS ۞
05 Jun 2008: 05:19 AM
nice work geetika
07 Jun 2008: 03:45 AM
thanq u sir
deepak misra
02 Jul 2008: 02:24 AM
really, it is nice one geetika
12 Jul 2008: 14:29 PM
thanq sir
19 Aug 2008: 10:12 AM
i think this circuit diagram should more discriptive...
its a great idea to design such voting machine
but it should problem free...
21 Aug 2008: 13:26 PM
hello azam,
can u pls suggest wat other details should be there in this circuit diagram....?? i'll improve it accordingly.
21 Aug 2008: 13:30 PM
i would also like to tell u dat dis is not simply an idea..... its a fully functional n problem free voting machine
12 Jan 2009: 23:19 PM
it was very nice to read about this project,as i put bird eye on the project report,i am confuse in one thing, it might be a silyquestion, but i will be very thankful to you if u tell me about my following two question.
1- as i know the procedure of voting through EVM is to push the button against the desired candidate, vote will be cast, as explained in general working (page 32) of the report, but what is the purpose of 6 digit passward from tthe keypad?, is it assignned to every candidate???????
my 2nd quetion is that how o increase the number of candidate?can u give me a little idea about it?
02 Feb 2009: 13:29 PM
hello sir,
here's d answer to ur first question:
the evm can work in two modes: voting mode and result mode.
when it works in voting mode, only votes must be casted n not even d booth officer should be able to see the results and when it works in result mode, d result ofice personnel should be able to see d results but should not be able to cast more votes. now there is one password for entering into "voting mode"... this password would be known to booth officer only... first he would enter that password, only after that voting can be started.. once voting is finished... n machine is sealed... power turned off..... now wen u power it again, it opens into "result mode" n ask for the 'result mode' password.... now this password would be known to result ofice personnel only... once he enters d correct password, he can view d poll results (no. of votes for each candidate).
another point i wud like to tell is dat total no. of votes, casted upto any point of time, can be seen in voting mode as well (using total button) but candidate wise poll results cant be seen. in fact dis is one of d enhanced features of this EVM bcos in present EVM's , even booth officer can view candidate wise results due to absence of any such password protection.
hope this clears ur doubt.

02 Feb 2009: 13:43 PM
n here's d reply to second question:
in order to increase no. of candidates, v can interface, that I/O port of ballot unit's microcontroller which is interfaced wid candidate panel (push-to-on buttons n LED panel) to another controller's I/O port (parallel pin to pin connection). in this way we'll get three I/O ports of the new controller, and v can interface one candidate panel (each having 8 candidates) on each port.. so in total there can be 24 candidates...but v should add some mechanism (thru programming) so as to tell d old controller of ballot unit (which is interfaced with control unit) dat which of the 3 I/O ports of new contrller is being used... but this implementation would also require a lot of work in programming as well...spl... d part of storing individual candidate's vote-count.
this is just a rough idea.. but not really a gud one... i feel there kud be some better way... not able to think of it ritenow...will think abt it
sorry for late reply..
brijesh patel
16 Feb 2009: 03:13 AM
hiiiiii sir,,
actually i implement this project on now a days,,
but i impliment fingureprint sencer in this project...please suggetion me to perform that type of project,,,
pls sir help me on that idea...

thank you....
18 Feb 2009: 02:54 AM
we are build this project . is the programmed micrcontroller is available.
12 Mar 2009: 14:50 PM
sir i'm really impressed by ur project and want to make it. i appreciate ur effort but i am facing some problems for which i hope u'll help me.
firstly, i'm using an lcd first time in my project, so i need some description on it's programming.
secondly, is it correct to place port P2 at active low state initially because if i'm not wrong that's how the led's are glowing.
thirdly don't we require a sip to connect P0?
i'v heard from people that source codes from net are not reliable. i just hope they are authentic and do not need any sort of ammendmends.
thanks alot but another query
13 Mar 2009: 12:41 PM
Thanks alot for replying me, i have started working on it, but please tell me that this voting machine can be simulate on PROTEUS? so i can experiment a little more.
and i am facing difficulty to get HEX key pad, can i interface 4X3 keypad? another option is to make HEX keypad by own?
Waiting for your Reply thanks again for guiding me.
dear geetika
13 Mar 2009: 12:55 PM
i aim to interface this excellent project which you have done with PC, can u please tell me what steps should i take in this regards,i have done communication between microcontroller and computer through serial port, i want when machine enters in voting machine it should show on computer screen all the results, this will lead us to send results online
14 Mar 2009: 04:53 AM
Please use forum to get fast help.
22 Mar 2009: 16:22 PM
hi geetika...frstly congrates to u all for this gud wrk. Am looking forward to make this one. But i do have some problems regarding it. firstly...bout the pins 29,30,31 of controller....they are not connected anywhere and no info is provided abt them....secondly...abt the eeprom...the address pins are either grounded or connected to supply...but in AT24C08 one pin needs to b connected and rest 2 pins are left open....but there is no such info provided here. Ple do look at it..i hope u will reply soon. Thanx.
prashantha hc
07 Apr 2009: 12:24 PM
1.can u suggest y u r using only 4 bits for sending code to control unit?.....i thought if v use 4 bits v can make it for 16 it correct or not....please suggest..
2.what is the maximum no. of votes can be stored in EEPROM 24c08

please ans as soon as possible.....
11 Apr 2009: 06:49 AM
hey geetika i hav an project on "EVM with pc interface"
i`m using LED with switches .........
but i want to use sensors with buzzer instead of switches..

so tell me which type of sensors are used in the circuit.
28 Apr 2009: 15:42 PM
hello people..i am currently working on the same project and in the code of the control unit VOTING.A51 a lot of lines are commented(beginning with .... i tried debugging the code and found that the code simulates with zero errors and warnings even with those commented lines...does that mean those lines are not necessary? or do they have to be included? plz reply asap... my submission date is approaching..plz help..
11 May 2009: 04:46 AM
want to know how to make vireless voting pads
11 May 2009: 04:54 AM
Hi it seams interesting
I want to make this project
And please do help me how to make it wireless voting pads
And I really want to know its circuits of pads and distributor from where it takes the signal and my Answer is shown on computer
It’s about maxim and minimum people have voted
How can I take the count?
15 May 2009: 03:21 AM
I have seen some magic voting machines in 2004 ap indian elections.In them if we vote for one party transferrring of vote for another party is resulted.The design of like these voting machines is fully brutal and dangerous.Now political parties are plannig to design like these controll units secretly for winning in elwctions.For evoiding this v controll unit logic circutery should not be changed .If any body involving in changing the desighn of evm it should be fully avoided.
20 Jun 2009: 02:15 AM
what is the password for both voting and result mode
02 Aug 2009: 01:51 AM
mam i havin problem runnin the ballot unit. my control unit runs fine. it accepts the password and says to proceed. after sending ballot signal ballot status led glows as normal. but at the time of casting the vote nothing happens. i have tried sending high n low signals to the candidate ports but nothing happens after that. please help me in solving this. i have to submit my project in two days. my email id is if possible please guide me on phone. my no is +919915511001.
please reply as early as possible
22 Sep 2009: 14:19 PM
how u connected the finger print module... to which pins and what is the program for that... plz reply me.
31 Oct 2009: 05:29 AM
thank u so much 4 providin such a comprehensive report
03 Dec 2009: 15:49 PM
03 Dec 2009: 15:51 PM
ruchi bhatnagar
07 Dec 2009: 03:22 AM
can u plz send me the project report of evm
07 Dec 2009: 15:07 PM
please use download button to download it.
19 Jan 2010: 11:05 AM
hi which software did u use to program
09 Feb 2010: 05:37 AM
can u plz mail me the detailed description abt how dis evm works..... am thinking to do this mini project on my own... so it will be very helpful if u send me the detail report....
09 Feb 2010: 14:58 PM
project report is included, so it would be better to read description from there. Click download button to download the report.
18 Feb 2010: 10:38 AM
Whats the cost of making this machine?
11 Apr 2010: 09:05 AM
i have completed the hardware and programming. but my evm machine is not runing. can somebody plz tell me what i do now plz
01 Sep 2010: 05:38 AM
Hi Geetika
i m implementing this project at my institute...
i need some pics of this project nd also some more details abt its software.
can u help me wit some pics nd details ...
my id:
i think u wl not b so late in replying m....
urs sincere fan waiting.............
01 Sep 2010: 11:19 AM
please use forum and post your problem there.
29 Sep 2011: 13:07 PM
i was trying to compile the assembly language but i got an error message.
in the conrol unit i got error
invalid macrol arguement in line 686
in the ballot unit

illegal intruction in line 11

please i need urgent help, i will be presenting this in 24 hrs

27 Nov 2011: 10:04 AM
can i have some pics of the project electronic voting machine please?
Also, i would like to know the supply voltages given to the circuits...
can u also provide with the info., about what pins of the optocoupler are connected to which elements ?
me to
20 Dec 2011: 08:49 AM
i think the cod is wring
12 Jul 2013: 12:55 PM
can i get the pcb layout...:)
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Wed Apr 16 2014, 01:43 PM
I'm doing a drive system with SIM900D modem and microcontroller AT89S52 via sms. I'm having trouble can not generate the. Hex to send to the microcontroller, whenever I compile the error, I'm using MCU 8051 IDE, what should I do so that my system receive sms and perform my task?
Mon Apr 14 2014, 01:00 PM
@Haranadh,bipin chandra etc. Create threads for your questions.
Sun Apr 13 2014, 04:05 AM
we bought HC 06 Bluetooth modem instead of Module ,Can any one help me of using it as bluetooth module since i am doing this project?
Sun Apr 13 2014, 03:58 AM
Hi,Actually we bought Bluetooth modem instead of Bluetooth Module
Sat Apr 12 2014, 02:55 PM
Please use forum if you want to ask a question.
Sat Apr 12 2014, 01:06 PM
Hi Ahana,I can Help you on this
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