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Propeller Display using AT89C2051

This project is a special kind of circular LED display. With the help some mechanical assembly, LED count, hardware requirement, and hence overall cost is cut to very affordable price. Also, maintenance and repairing of the display is so easy, that anyone having a little electronics knowledge, can take care of this. All the synchronizing can be implemented through software.

First of its kind, made using the 20-pin 8051 series microcontroller, this project use the principle of Space Multiplexing. This propeller display is mechanically scanned and displays the characters in digital format. Made from scrap it can be used anywhere and everywhere and the most amazing fact about this display is it’s crystal clear display. This display consists of just 8 bright LEDs which are rotated to show the display.

For building this project, requirement is just a small 20 pin microcontroller, a position encoder, and LEDs. This display can show the messages, which will require a whopping 525 LEDs. So hardware and cost minimization is achieved.

-From Abstract

This project has submitted by Chincholkar Apoorv Ravindra, Joshi Sanket Satish and Gore Rigved Bhalchandra, students of Vidyaprathishthan’s College of Engineering, Baramati. I thank them for contributing to community and sharing knowledge though this wonderful project.

The download file consist of:

  1. Code bundle: Assembly code written for RIDE, with complete project and hex file.
  2. Images: Working images of project.
  3. Project Report: Project description and report in docx format (MS Word 2007 or more needed).
  4. Project Presentation: Power point presentation in pptx format (MS PowerPint 2007 or more needed).

If you have any questions or need details please make use of forum (Rickey's World Forum).

Tags propeller display using at89c2051persistent of vision8051 propeller displayspace multiplexing

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26 Jun 2010: 13:49 PM
A fantastic Idea...congratulations to all the members of this project for such a wonderful project...!!!
01 Jul 2010: 01:14 AM
cool.. you rock.. try sending the documentation to my mail ( ..
10 Jul 2010: 08:28 AM
Great work guys.Thanks for sharing
Sutar Mayur
13 Jul 2010: 01:54 AM

try sending the documentation to my mail ( ..
27 Jul 2010: 03:18 AM
我们也玩过这玩意 哈哈
27 Jul 2010: 12:46 PM
very good idea.......try sending the documentation to my mail(
30 Jul 2010: 12:48 PM
awesome project guys
08 Aug 2010: 07:03 AM
very good idea.......try sending the documentation to my mail(
18 Aug 2010: 06:00 AM
What About Source Code?
18 Aug 2010: 13:17 PM
Code is inside zip file. download it.
23 Aug 2010: 05:21 AM
is it possible to add a switch for changing the display message? like for goodmorning, good afternoon and good evening?
23 Aug 2010: 08:00 AM
yes its possible. add it.. and send us updates.
23 Aug 2010: 08:06 AM
what ismeant by 1A bridge, where did u use that in your circuit
24 Aug 2010: 05:09 AM
what is meant by 1A bridge ??? pls send me ur ans soon...
24 Aug 2010: 15:02 PM
1A bridge = 1Ampere bridge rectifier.
26 Aug 2010: 04:46 AM
thanks for ur reply..... in which environment can we simulate the sourcecode ?? pls reply soon....
26 Aug 2010: 15:42 PM
you cannot simulate this code. coz POV can occur in real scenario not in software.
29 Aug 2010: 05:05 AM
how did u give 5v supply to spinning circuit, will the 12v dc motor provide required rpm
BlaZe TK
30 Aug 2010: 11:25 AM
i guys i need the .asm file for this project and how to change the program so as to display our own customized text???
30 Aug 2010: 18:12 PM
use forum..
30 Aug 2010: 18:14 PM
take a look at the assembly design of this project. there is a metal disc used to provide supply to circuit. yes motor can provide good RPM if given good stable supply.
02 Sep 2010: 05:22 AM
hey guys, may i know where can i get the tools to open the project files?
i hope you guys can realy2 help me on this one.
02 Sep 2010: 12:38 PM
thnx yar i'm just in need of something like it.
its enchanting..............
02 Sep 2010: 16:38 PM
use RIDE compiler
alpesh patel
05 Sep 2010: 09:43 AM
ThnQ so much

nice one
09 Sep 2010: 15:57 PM
nice idea ..thx for this one
10 Sep 2010: 06:15 AM
can any one send me the code to display FGIET please
10 Sep 2010: 06:16 AM
my id is
10 Sep 2010: 06:19 AM
please tell what is displaying by the given code in the download file

10 Sep 2010: 11:30 AM
we are making this project in our college,every one lyks this project...pllease tell how to write anything lyk to display my name or other thing...wat to do???how to change program code plzzzzzz help..
11 Sep 2010: 15:03 PM
for those who have any doubts in this project, Please use forum.
18 Sep 2010: 14:00 PM
i just wanna knw..PCB lauout where wld i get this..i need PCB layout.....
22 Sep 2010: 23:28 PM i have ur email id plz.....i need to talk to u about a 8051 project.plz bhai..its urgent.if possible plz contact at
plz..its urgent
13 Oct 2010: 22:50 PM
hi ajay.... can i use keil compiler to extract the hex file from your code. ....if not.... can u tel me how to use the ride software.... also tel me its version so that i can try to download it.... my mail id is please please please .... help me...
13 Oct 2010: 22:51 PM
m gettin many errors when i compile that code in keil
14 Oct 2010: 17:22 PM
use forum and mention what errors you're getting.
07 Dec 2010: 12:57 PM
dear ajay plz giv me detail about this project xcept abov in attachmnt...i want the complete figur or detail of upper and bottom part...plz im waiting for ur respons...
07 Dec 2010: 13:18 PM
how u exciting uper part ?
07 Dec 2010: 14:44 PM
Please download the complete zip file. it has got all the documents that explains everything about this project.

and i suggest you to use forum incase you have a doubt.
15 Dec 2010: 11:33 AM
eMAIL me in case of any prob to
Pratik Shinde
07 Jan 2011: 02:12 AM
Dear Apoorv, Sanket and Rigved,
You have done a nice job.
Best of luck and keep uploading nice projects.
Manish Panchal
24 Jan 2011: 09:39 AM
friends i am making propeller display as a college project and submission date is very near can u please tell me about RPm of motor and how to provide 5v supply to controller during rotation.if u give pictorial information then it will be better for me to id is

ajay can u please give me your contact no or id.
27 Jan 2011: 11:17 AM
Hi Manish everything is provided once you download the complete project zip file. the rotating assembly also is provided with picture. use forum incase you're facing problem
04 May 2011: 09:34 AM
what is the process of giving code to the project??How can we give other display?
18 Aug 2011: 17:46 PM
hey guys i have made this project and its working really great.

Do you have any interfacing ideas so that i can use it to display anything i want ?

also i want the code to convert this project into an analog clock does anyone have the code for that ?
18 Sep 2011: 04:56 AM
can v use 40 pin ic bcoz our colg. has told 2 use it so wat is d change i need 2 make???
19 Sep 2011: 09:51 AM
Yes you can use.. you do not have to make any changes. just use same ports as giving in circuit for AT89C2051. It will be fine if you have any more queries use forum.
22 Sep 2011: 01:59 AM
whenever u got the ans forward it to me...plz
23 Sep 2011: 18:34 PM
this question has been answered many times on forum. search there or... you can ask yourself on forum.
25 Oct 2011: 06:22 AM
1.i m making this project but my LED & rotation of flywheel do not take place simultaneously i.e d led ckt nd d motor work independently bt not wen d flywheel is loaded on d motor
2.does dis ckt require specific amount of current..say 1A???
3.wen d flywheel is loaded on d motor, the motor stops roating & it shows dat der is a short
01 Feb 2012: 02:31 AM
thnax guys...!!!
27 Mar 2012: 13:56 PM
i am unable to download this content so please help me
09 Apr 2012: 03:11 AM
16 Apr 2012: 12:07 PM
i developed a similer project .but i wrote the code in c
my code can be extended for many letters af your wish
follow the link
29 Apr 2012: 05:42 AM
can i have the pcb layout of this project
pushkar raj
01 Sep 2012: 20:35 PM
hey...........I'm trying to make this project can you plz send me the display source code for display text in C++ at pushkarrajsaini@gmail.coml
shubham srivastava
02 Oct 2012: 10:56 AM
how to program at89c2051 micro controller... what programmer have you used to program this micro controller...
03 Nov 2012: 03:36 AM
can anyone mail me dat zip file , im not able to go to da download
26 Jan 2013: 12:44 PM
just we have to dump the hex file into the micro controller... and place on the device.. that will do the work
syukri sukarman
21 Feb 2013: 12:24 PM
very good idea... try sending the documentation to my mail(
13 Apr 2013: 02:58 AM
Pls send me pcb design..I hve doubt.on 1 side u hve kept pcb of microcontroller n other side which pcb.pls help me out..I hve 5 days to complete ma project. . Email..
13 Apr 2013: 03:02 AM
Pls send me pcb design ..m nt getting it..I hve 5 days 2 complete dis project ..pls help me out.. ankit.karamchandani30@gmail. com
23 Dec 2013: 01:42 AM
hey ajay, what the code for displaying a real time clock, and also how to change the characters. plz reply soon.
sagar gohel
29 Mar 2014: 09:28 AM
what i do for scrolling message in this propeller display
plz send if you have assembly code for this propeller display then send me at my mail.....

plz send fast as soon as possible
31 Mar 2014: 03:23 AM
The code is in assembly already, just download it. there is a green button "Download File"
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Thu Apr 17 2014, 01:23 PM
@mba Great .. please do.
Thu Apr 17 2014, 12:27 AM
like the forum and wish to participate
Wed Apr 16 2014, 04:45 PM should read my comment just before your post
Wed Apr 16 2014, 01:43 PM
I'm doing a drive system with SIM900D modem and microcontroller AT89S52 via sms. I'm having trouble can not generate the. Hex to send to the microcontroller, whenever I compile the error, I'm using MCU 8051 IDE, what should I do so that my system receive sms and perform my task?
Mon Apr 14 2014, 01:00 PM
@Haranadh,bipin chandra etc. Create threads for your questions.
Sun Apr 13 2014, 04:05 AM
we bought HC 06 Bluetooth modem instead of Module ,Can any one help me of using it as bluetooth module since i am doing this project?
Sun Apr 13 2014, 03:58 AM
Hi,Actually we bought Bluetooth modem instead of Bluetooth Module
Sat Apr 12 2014, 02:55 PM
Please use forum if you want to ask a question.
Sat Apr 12 2014, 01:06 PM
Hi Ahana,I can Help you on this
Sat Apr 12 2014, 03:51 AM
bipin chandra
can anybody help me. we are making a project to control the position of dc motor. so there we need to interface lcd screen and the 4X3 memberane keypad and a dc motor driver chip. can anybody please give me the complete circuit diagram connection of these components with the 8051.and alse help in the programming. my email id is
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