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Hello Eery1

I am Mansoor Mirza, Network Engineer and also working on a Optical Fiber Project here in Pakistan...

so being Network Engineer i decided to make this thread...here i will share my knowledge of Fiber Optics...that can help beginners and i also wanna enhance my knowledge by sharing....

your suggestions and comments will be highly appreciated... i am also thinking to make a project to perform communication between two PCs using Optical Fiber....

but first we will learn this technology i will start from very basic to professional level that will help learners to understand this highly demanding technology....

If any1 has any knowledge, idea, book, paper or any training manual about topic he can also join the thread.....

We all will learn this technology and its advance features and its approach in today's Telecom Sector.....

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Sat Dec 04 2010, 05:25 AM
good mirza
start from basics so every one can get advantage like me
Sat Dec 04 2010, 07:19 AM
mirza doing great job... my friend......
Sat Dec 04 2010, 07:36 AM
@ Pravin thanx dear...its my duty to share whatever i have!!!!

@ Majoka sure yar i will start from very basic and this thread will be very long

and gyz i am going out of station today......to attend my friend's marriage ceremony...

so i will catch you gyz at Wednesday till then bye.......

first lecture will come in Wednesday morning.....
Sat Dec 04 2010, 03:44 PM
Nice and informative

**offtopic: have fun all the way to home...
hun ta thand pe rahi honi.. mere vaste saag le aavi gharo aande hoye
Sat Dec 04 2010, 04:33 PM
@ Ajay sir ji tussi khar ja re ho...
@Mirza Good work mirza..
Sat Dec 04 2010, 05:50 PM
@mohan i am not going home, mansoor is going home
Tue Dec 07 2010, 04:49 AM
off topic:
@ Ajay am back and it was a lot of fun there.....you know groom and bride and their associated components (like Sali)......made atmosphere rocking...

and yar me saag laya te nai par tere hise da othey e kha k aya wa........
Tue Dec 07 2010, 08:20 AM
Good idea mirza, Let us polish our forgetting knowledges
Thu Dec 09 2010, 10:39 AM

Lecture # 01

Introduction to Optical Fiber

Light and Optics is very much involved in our daily life and these are also very interesting to play with specially in our childhood.
I remember one night when I first play with optics. There was load shedding that night and all kids were playing with candles and they were blowing off the candle of each other. Then i got idea and I broke my little torch and used small electric bulb, one cell and a piece of wire and made my own electric candle. All kids were amazed because when they try to blow of mine one they got failed every time……
After that when I see laser first time I think that time I was in sixth standard, that was also an interesting thing to play with. Now we can use that small toy to make professional level projects and appliances. I worked on a project using laser that was LASER Distance measurement by using the same Laser which I used to play with during my childhood. I also made a project to communicate PC to PC on hyper terminal using LASER.
So the point is we just have to make our thinking little professional to use light source, to use our toy as latest Telecom Data Handling device.
There are some places in our daily life where we used components related to Optical Fiber technology.


The first optical fiber which I saw that was a torch, a decorative one . I hope many of us played with this one during our childhood.

It consist of a group of fibers that were tied together at one end and were separate at other end like paint brush.
A bulb at tied end illuminates them and the light emerging from the loose end made them glitter.

In the Community:
In the mid 1970s, the technology had come along way. Fiber had been improved enough that the telecom companies were looking at them for telecommunication. During this decade telecom companies probed and tested fiber optics almost like a bomb squad examining a suspicious package. It was not until 1977 that within a month, first GTE and AT&T dared to venture down main holes and stick fiber-optics into telephone circuits carrying live traffic.
It was a daring step to use optical fiber to carry telecom traffic of voice and data but there step was not wrong because it worked in fact it worked flawlessly. Small enemies of engineers were monitoring this test area and they did countless technical meetings and conclusion was thrilling.


In Business:

First fiber optics trade shown in 1970s, each year it grown larger and larger, for a few years break through in this technology were almost a routine. The first Optical Fiber System made is called first generation of optical fiber, this technology grown very fast, first generation system was not fully installed or grounded and second generation was ready to test.
Today telecom companies are using 3rd generation of Optical Fiber Technology and 4th generation is being installed in some countries. The rate of changes in this technology seems to be slower now but the accomplishments are incredible.

The Future:

The future of fiber technology is still incredible. We watched this technology spring from laboratories to real world. In past we heard about this technology from research people but now we hear about it from telephone service people. The fun is not over yet. The fiber optics revolution will continue until fiber comes all the way to our homes. It will not come tomorrow but it will come one day. Now we have access to Optical Fiber in our streets as I know here in Pakistan we have latest ONUs (Optical Network Units) installed for each area for 200 to 300 homes. We can connect to that ONU through copper wire from our home. So still telecom have to work to provide fiber at user end to our home directly from the switching center or Local Exchange. So the visionaries of past who foresaw a wired city were wrong, we will have a fibered society instead. We can all watch it happen. But that’s enough of this visionary stuff, Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of fiber.

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