Rickey's World of Microcontrollers & Microprocessors : Downloads http://www.8051projects.net/ Learn to make simple microcontroller projects, pic, 8051, avr and arm projects. download 8051 projects, tutorials, libraries, sample codes. join the microcontroller discussion forum and ask doubts regarding electronics. the best source for 8051 over internet. en-gb 2017-05-23T08:43:35+00:00 contact@nospam.com hourly 1 2000-01-01T12:00+00:00 Yet Another DTMF Controlled Robot http://www.8051projects.net/download.php?view.255 2017-05-23T08:43:35+00:00 Parambir, Harman, Pragati, shikha, Manpreet 8051 Projects Yet Another DTMF Controlled RobotWe have got a recent submission of the project by students of Mai Bhago polytechnic college, Amritsar, Punjab. As simple as it sounds, This project is an 8051 based DTMF controlled robot. 8051 receives decoded DTMF tones from MT8870 DTMF decoder. The DTMF input is fed from a GSM phone. There are two motors on the robot which are controlled via dual H-Bridge motor driver L293D.If you are just starting to learn microcontrollers then this is the project you should start with. It will help you understand the basic IO control in microcontrollers using embedded C.DTMF controls are as follows:On pressing '2' robot moved forwardOn pressing '8' robot moved backwardOn pressing '4' robot moved leftOn pressing '6' robot moved rightOn pressing '5' robot moved stop The download package includes source code, hex file, schematics and a description document.Project credit goes to:Parambir Singh Mattewal (Supervisor)Sharanjit singhHarman RajputPragatishikhaManpreet kaurThank you guys for submitting this project.If you have any questions or queries on this project feel free to ask in forum. Simple 3 Digit Temperature Meter http://www.8051projects.net/download.php?view.254 2017-05-23T08:43:35+00:00 Rakesh Suthar PIC Projects Simple 3 Digit Temperature MeterThis project is a simple temperature meter using LM35 analog sensor connected to PIC microcontroller PIC16F676. The temprature is displayed on 3 digit 7-segment display. Project code is written in C language for CSS compiler for PIC. Here are few things that you can expect to learn from this project:1. Using Analog port of PIC Microcontroller2. Interfacing LM35 temperature sensor3. Interfacing 7-segment display4. Multiplexing multiple 7-segment displaySimple yet so much to learn in this project. If you are a starting to learn microcontrollers then this is your project. The download package also includes a proteus simulation so you can modify and test this code before building the actual hardware.I want to thank Rakesh Suthar for submitting this project. I hope to see more learning oriented project from him.Download Package Content:main.c : Project C codemain.hex : Hex fileschematic.PDF : Schematic filelm35-temp-meter.pdsprj : Proteus simulation Project fileIf you have any questions or queries on this project feel free to ask in forum. Electronic Voting machine with Managed Control Unit (Project Report Included) http://www.8051projects.net/download.php?view.205 2017-05-23T08:43:35+00:00 Shivani, Geetika Gupta, Vibhore Aggarwal, Megha Singh 8051 Projects Electronic Voting Machine with Managed Control UnitIntroduction:EVM is capable of saving considerable printing stationery and transport of large volumes of electoral material. It is easy to transport, store, and maintain. It completely rules out the chance of invalid votes. Its use results in reduction of polling time, resulting in fewer problems in electoral preparations, law and order, candidates' expenditure, etc. and easy and accurate counting without any mischief at the counting centre. It is also eco friendly.Our EVM consists mainly of two units - (a) Control Unit (CU) and (b) Ballot Unit (BU) with cable for connecting it with Control unit. Both the units consists of one microcontroller (8052) each. The CU consists of one LCD, one hex keypad and a couple of switches, while BU consists of a candidate panel, a votecast panel and a buzzer, etc. This project is based on assembly language programming. The software platform used in this project are Keil uVision3 and SPIPGM37.Important Information:Please Read this carefully as explained to me by authori forgot to mention one thing missing in report n coding as well.actually, in main function of control unit program as soon as controllerenters in it check the value of variable named "status" that resides in EEPROM. If status is 1 then voting start else no voting.if the EEPROM is new or fresh, status will have some garbage valueor 0xFF. which can be a problem on first startup.So a small program is written to clear that status byte.After you finish making the hardware. You have to do the following things:1. Load cufirst.hex file in your controller.2. Run your circuit.3. Wait for 2-3 seconds.4. Load voting.hex which is the real control unit program.5. Run it.authorWhat's New?1. Schematic updated2. Added proteus simulation if you want to try it before building itPlease use forum if you have any problem.www.8051projects.net/forum.html LED Scrolling message Display using 8051 http://www.8051projects.net/download.php?view.253 2017-05-23T08:43:35+00:00 Pratik Suthar 8051 Projects LED Scrolling message Display using 8051This Project is a scrolling LED matrix display project using 8051 (AT89S52) controller and 24C16 EEPROM. This LED matrix project is designed to work flexibly to handle 1x18 matrices of 8x8 LEDs or 1 to 29 matrices of 5x7 LEDs. The total matrices support can go higher if a controller with higher RAM is used. You do not need to do any change in the program for that. There is also a software provided to upload your message from PC to EEPROM.This project is submitted by Pratik Suthar of Government Engineering Collage, Dahod (Gujrat). I really want to thank him for his contribution to Rickey's World.Now a working video of the project:

Smart Home using GSM, Bluetooth and Android (with project report and ppt) http://www.8051projects.net/download.php?view.252 2017-05-23T08:43:35+00:00 Gaurav Khadasane AVR Projects Smart Home using GSM, Bluetooth and AndroidThis project demonstrates a Smart home device which can control things automatically by taking decisions based on sensor network or using manual control using your phone over Bluetooth or GSM. Which means if you are inside the house you can use You can control your appliances using bluetooth when outside use your GSM phone (over SMS).This project uses AVR controller ATMega328 running Arduino firmware. There are a number of sensors connected to the controller some on GPIOs and some via Analog ports. Here is a short list of sensors:1. Temperature Sensor (LM35)2. PIR Sensor3. Light Sensor (LDR)4. GAS SensorWireless modules used in this project:1. SIM300 GSM Module (SIM900 can also be used)2. HC-05 Bluetooth ModuleThere is also a provision for controlling 4 AC appliances. One LCD is also connected to show real-time status of all the sensors.This project gives a good hands on practice on AVR controller and Arduino firmware programming. With various communication options one can get good experience on wireless communication. Further more there are endless possibilities of expanding this project. So you really need to turn your brains on and think of what more you can do with this.Project also includes complete documentation including Synopsis, Project report and final presentation. But don't get carried away with these goodies. Learn and Build this project so it can benefit you in future I really want to thank Gaurav Khadasane once again for submitting this wonderful project and bringing lot of things together to learn in a single project.Link to Android Application:Finally the working Demo:

Arduino based GPS data Logger http://www.8051projects.net/download.php?view.251 2017-05-23T08:43:35+00:00 Santosh Mishra AVR Projects Arduino based GPS data LoggerArduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for artists, designers, hobbyists and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments. This is a very simple project based on Arduino and GPS sheild combo. Arduino provides good set of libraries which are easy to use and you can include in your project without any hassle.As GPS usually works on serial ports, Software emulated serial port is used to connect GPS with arduino running at 4800bps. The hardware serial port is connected to PC for serial data logging. A 16x4 LCD is used for displaying GPS data locally. LCD provides GPS information related to Latitude, Longitude, Altitude and speed.Its a very good project for starters, who wants to get their hands on with Arduino. I would like to thank Santosh Mishra for submitting this project. Hope to see more contribution from him. Metro Train Prototype Project with Project Report http://www.8051projects.net/download.php?view.250 2017-05-23T08:43:35+00:00 Gaurav Sharma 8051 Projects Metro Train Prototype Project with Project ReportMetro Train is one of the biggest transportation medium in Delhi connecting all ends of Delhi together. This project is a very simple train prototype of current Metro Train. This prototype is powered with 8-bit 8051 microcontroller. As you know Metro trains run in one direction at a time, so prototype uses only one motor to move the forward. There is an additional motor which is used to open and close the doors of train.Working Of Metro Train:When the power is turned on a message ("welcome to Bhopal metro") is displayed on LCD. Then a message "Current station is Indrapuri" is displayed and door is opened. A buzzer is also turned on when door opens. After some delay the door is closed and car is started to move forward. A message "current station is Indrapuri" is displayed also on LCD. After some time a message indicating the next station is displayed "next station is M P Nagar". After some time the train stops and a message "current station is M P Nagar" is displayed. This process is continued for five stations. In the end a message "End of line" is displayed on LCD. This whole process is repeated until we turned off the power supply.A big thanks to Gaurav Sharma for submitting this project.Click on the download file button to download all the project related files. GSM Notice Board http://www.8051projects.net/download.php?view.248 2017-05-23T08:43:35+00:00 Kiran Gowle 8051 Projects GSM Notice BoardThis project is a simple GSM Based project where 20x4 LCD is used as display for Notice board and GSM modem is used for receiving and sending SMS. When a user wants to display a notice/message on the notice board, user will send sms from a verified mobile number and sms recevied is displayed on LCD. Project involves simple security feature where SMS sender's number is compared with a pre-configured number (hardcoded in source code). If sms is recevied from an unknown sender, a notification SMS is sent to pre-configured number notifying an invalid access to board.This project is fairly simple but its main purpose is to demonstrates reading and sending SMS using GSM Modem. There are many users on forum who struggles getting SMS read working in their projects. So For them this project is a starting point.I want to thank Kiran Gowle (kirangowle) for submitting this project. I am sure his contribution will help many others on this website. If you have any queries regarding this project, Please feel free to post in forum.Click on download link to download this project. Android Controlled Robot using 8051 Microcontroller http://www.8051projects.net/download.php?view.247 2017-05-23T08:43:35+00:00 Gaurav Khadasane 8051 Projects Android controlled robot using 8051 and bluetoothOur robot expert Gaurav Khadasane has come up with another innovative way to control a robot. He is controlling his robot from an android phone (with a Android GUI application) over bluetooth. Project uses our favourite 8051 microcontroller and HC-05 bluetooth module.In this project 8051 and bluetooth module are communicating over uart @9600bps. Bluetooth module HC-05 is controlled via simple AT commands. This module comes in SMD package and works on 3.3v power supply. The BT module is a SPP supported profile so it can be connected easily to any controller or embedded device. In this profile the data sent and receive to module directly comes on the RX pin of microcontroller. It becomes really easy to make your device bluetooth compatible.L293D H-Bridge motor driver are used to control two DC motors. A readymade compact size chassis is used to avoid the chassis assembly comlexities The chassis contains 2 decks the lower is used for BO motors fitting the upper is used as a battery stack. On top plate the controller board is mounted by screw fitting.Finally the Android application, You can get Bluecontrol app from Google PlayClick image below to go to Google PlayHere is a working video of the project

If you have any doubts or comments Please use forum... Enjoy bulding robots Please use download link below to download this project.
Multicontrol Robot - Control by GSM, Remote or Acclerometer http://www.8051projects.net/download.php?view.246 2017-05-23T08:43:35+00:00 Gaurav A.Khadasane 8051 Projects Multicontrol Robot - Control by GSM, Remote or Acclerometer with Project reportThis project is an extention to previously uploaded "GSM Controlled Robot". Earlier project was only designed to be controlled using a mobile or GSM device whereas this project extends the control capabilities to custom designed RF Remote and A glove with Accelerometer.This project is devided into two sections1. Control/Encoder unit2. Robot UnitControl unit uses 433Mhz RF modules for sending control data to robot. Control unit receives data from either remote or an accelerometer module. Robot unit is actually the receving device which can receive data from either gsm device or RF recevier. Both RF reciever and GSM device send same kind of signals to control motors.Control/encoder unit uses 8051 controller and its code is written in assembly whereas Robot unit uses AVR microcontroller, its source is written in C language. If you have already built the old GSM controlled robot then upgrading to this version of robot will not be difficult at all.I have also added original project report came with GSM controlled robot, You can add more information in this project report to complete final report.Here are working videos of project:Multicontrol Robot - Control by Acclerometer

Multicontrol Robot - Control By Remote

Click download link below to download this project.
Time Controlled Solar Tracking System (Assembly) http://www.8051projects.net/download.php?view.245 2017-05-23T08:43:35+00:00 Victor (ugoo5000) 8051 Projects Time Controlled Solar Tracking System (Assembly)Viktor has share another project with us a great design with practical use. An 8051 based Solar tracker with source written in assembly language. He explains basic operation of this project.PRINCIPLE OF OPERATIONThe circuit comprises of three sections:
light controlled circuitcounter for timerswitching circuit1. Light controlled circuit:This particular circuit controls other circuits. It puts the other circuit on or off depending the nature of the day. It comprises of LDR and transistor representation of smith trigger configured using two npn transistor(BC377) such that when there is a small potential difference across the LDR and variable resistor, The relay will be triggered to switch on other circuit. This circuit monitors day and night. The main function of this monitor is put off the device at night and turn it on in the mornining again.2. counter for timer:Since sun start from the east at 6:45am and set at exertly 12:45pm, the light controller circuit put on the whole circuit automatically making the timer to initialize its 6hrs counting sequence.3. switching circuit:This circuit is mainly used to control the direction of panel using a DC Actuator motor. Microcontroller AT89C2051 gets input from east and west Light control circuit and adjust panel to face sun direction.Type of motor used:24-36v d.c Actuator from super jack used in tv satalite dish polar adjustmentYou can download project by clicking download button below.
8051 based Inverter/UPS with inbuilt Charging system http://www.8051projects.net/download.php?view.244 2017-05-23T08:43:35+00:00 Victor (ugoo5000) 8051 Projects 8051 based Inverter/UPS with inbuilt Charging systemWell this is one of the most interesting and long awaited project uploaded on any microcontroller website. Its an Inverter/UPS with inbuilt charging system based on 8051 (AT89C2051) with a rating of 3000VA. As you all know an inverter converts DC voltage to AC, This project uses 24V DC battery and convert it to 220v 50Hz AC. Here are some pictures of constructed hardware.The inverter system is divided into six sections:
InverterChargerMultivibratorPowerpackSensors and IndicatorsAutomatic changeover8051 controller plays its major role in "Sensors and Indicators" section. 8051 is used to monitor the voltages and indicate status through LEDs. You can also find UPS test design for Proteus VSM simulator, to stimulate the design in case of any doubt. It is the same controller circuit as given in pdf. At89c2051 uses an active low to perform its operation from lm393 voltage comparator that's why a push button is connected to ground to test the circuit.You can find pictures, code and small documenation that explains the working and block diagram of this project. Incase you have any doubts, feel free to post on our forum at www.8051projects.net/forum.htmlI would like to thank Victor (ugoo5000) for sharing this awesome project
Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter - Updated http://www.8051projects.net/download.php?view.119 2017-05-23T08:43:35+00:00 Anudeep s.m 8051 Projects Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter Football/Soccer Substitution Board (Assembly) http://www.8051projects.net/download.php?view.243 2017-05-23T08:43:35+00:00 Victor (ugoo5000) 8051 Projects Football/Soccer Substitution BoardWe all build projects, we never think if those projects will be used in real life or not. But this time Victor (ugoo5000) Brings a very simple but very useful idea to the table that can become reality to anyone, who needs it. If you're a Football/soccer fan and you have a home team, Then this is a must do project for you.This project is a really simple Football/Soccer substitution board used on field. As seen from the picture above its a very professional looking substitution board. Board has two color LED display each counts from 00 to 99 with Red and Green color display. Using this board is really simple, Just select number and show it as simple as that.Project code is written in assembly language very easy to understand, No complex glue logic. You can ask your doubts on forum if you have any. Our Admins, moderators are always available on forum to answer you. So go ahead and make this enjoyable project at home or for your school. DS1302 based Digital Clock with Calendar http://www.8051projects.net/download.php?view.242 2017-05-23T08:43:35+00:00 Victor (ugoo5000) 8051 Projects DS1302 based Digital Clock with CalendarHere is another great submission from Victor (ugoo5000). We do have many digital clock projects on website but I again wanted to add this one to our list because there are two new and interesting things in it. There are good things to learn from this project. So I summarize all of them here:
DS1302 as Time keeping ICInterrupt based keypadThe DS1302 trickle-charge timekeeping chip contains a real-time clock/calendar and 31 bytes of static RAM. It communicates with a microprocessor via a simple serial interface. The real-time clock/calendar provides seconds, minutes, hours, day, date, month, and year information. The end of the month date is automatically adjusted for months with fewer than 31 days, including corrections for leap year. The clock operates in either the 24-hour or 12-hour format with an AM/PM indicator. DS1302 communicates with microcontroller using a 3 wire interface a very similar to SPI. So this is one new thing to learn in this project.Now second interesting thing which got my attention is interrupt based keypad. All codes we have seen till now uses keypad scanning. This one uses interrupt based approach for scanning keys. As soon as a key an interrupt is generated though an AND gate connected to all the rows, which indicate controller that a key is pressed. So scanning is done in ISR routine where key is detected. I am sure this way of using a keypad must be helpful fo many of us when making our new projects.You can download this project from link below