Rickey's World of Microcontrollers & Microprocessors : Forum / threads 2017-05-23T08:45:13+00:00 e107 e107 e107 Ajay Bhargav - Learn to make simple microcontroller projects, pic, 8051, avr and arm projects. download 8051 projects, tutorials, libraries, sample codes. join the microcontroller discussion forum and ask doubts regarding electronics. the best source for 8051 over internet. XAG-49 Counter setting 2017-05-17T11:01:37+00:00 Utsavi HelloI am working with PXAG49KBA. In my project I used Timer0 as Timer and Timer1 as counter.The timer in my case is working perfectly (1msec timer).I want to use Counter to count external frequency. I set Counter 1 in 16 bit non auto reload mode (Set TMOD to 0x50). I cleared TH1 and TL1. Set TR1. On every 500msec I read TH1 and TL1 and clearing it. Every time I got garbage values. Do I required to use RTL1 and RTH1? Is there any register I need to set in XAG-49?In my previous project I worked on P89C51RD2 and used Timer1 as Counter, which is working ok. From the reading, XAG-49 and P89C51RD2 have same settings. But still my counter is not working. Also I set T1OE bit to 0. Still not succeed.Any clue on this?RegardsUtsavi Bharuchwala 2017-05-17T11:01:37+00:00 ERROR: build kernel Failed 2017-05-16T13:26:10+00:00 Samimash hello friendsi recently got a nanopi m1,i begin with the official documentation :""i downloaded the lichee source code and this toolchain:gcc-linaro-arm.tar.xz as the document saidbut when i try to compile the source code,i got this error:arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc: error trying to exec 'cc1': execvp: No such file or directory ERROR: build kernel Failedis it a compiler problem?i am running Ubuntu 17.04 and i am a beginner in both arm processor and Linux environment but i have a background in electronicsthank you 2017-05-16T13:26:10+00:00 Hitech C in pro mode for pic16f 2017-05-14T14:39:55+00:00 raghuzala Hello, Can i have crack hi tech C compiler in pro mode for pic16f,????in lite mode there memory issues 2017-05-14T14:39:55+00:00 Proteus Simulation is Different From Actual Circuit 2017-05-12T08:27:56+00:00 east Hello~all,Can you help me answer my doubts?The sinusoidal signal in the simulated picture produced by ICL8038( This is the data-sheet of LCL8038: ) in the actual circuit. The another two resistances I used in actual circuit are Constantan resistances --10milliohm. However the wave which tested by the real oscilloscope is so mass and it’s so different from the effect of simulation. Does anyone know what it occurred? 2017-05-12T08:27:56+00:00 GSM based electricity theft identification 2017-05-02T19:32:17+00:00 snazzy I am working on a project which is a GSM based electricity theft identification!I am using SIM900A GSM module,a MAX232 chip(to interface GSM module) an ATMEL AT89S52 MCU,16×2 LCD, TTP223 touch sensor and a buzzer.The main theme of this project is: if anyone tries to tamper the energy meter(in my case if someone touches the touch sensor) then the microcontroller receives the i/p sent by the touch sensor and then the buzzer starts to buzz and the MCU sends the GSM module the action to send a message stating " theft detected" to the predefined mobile no.(hard coded) and showing the same message in LCD.i am stuck with the coding section! anyone up for rescue? i have attached the .jpg file of the circuit diagram. 2017-05-02T19:32:17+00:00 proteus error... 2017-04-26T06:59:45+00:00 Deepakvaishu hello...I am getting an error when I am trying to simulate my project on"Could not open library"c:\program files(x86)\labcentre electronics\proteus 7 professional\MODELS\ACTIVE.LML" A serious error has occured and ISIS professional is in an unstable state...clickj abort to quit immediately or OK to save your work first...Do not assume that the saved copy will be loadable "...what is the cause of this error?ANd how to solve it??......Plz help... 2017-04-26T06:59:45+00:00 keypad to type the text message 2017-03-20T08:24:47+00:00 Deepakvaishu hello,I am using a keypad to type the text message,I am using a 8051 microcontroller and a 4X4 matrix keypad . I tried too much,But not getting the exact logic to use a single key to type 3 different alphabets ,eg key 1 is used to type a, b, c depending upon the number of times the key is pressed.I have used a variable 'count ' to check the number of times key pressed, again I have to display the letter on the lcd .....plz give me the idea how actually the multiple letters are identified depending upon the key pressed.Since the Col are input(1) and Row are output(0). Is the key released() before it is pressed second time to print the 'b' letter, Plz help for the coding of this program. 2017-03-20T08:24:47+00:00 sim300 not able to send and receive the message 2017-03-09T05:14:41+00:00 Deepakvaishu sim 300 gsm modem is not able to send the message nor is able to receive any message from the android phone. The message is send but android phone gets the message as "message format not supported"...sim 900A is able to send the required messages using the same sim card.. ....when I put the same sim card in the smart (android) phone then the sim card is able to send the message.ands a proper message is displayed on the another smart phone..when I change the sim card then I am able to send the message and required message is displayed using sim300 modem. what may be the problem..??plz help.. 2017-03-09T05:14:41+00:00 wanted to make same display as shown in video of project LED scrolling message display using 8051 2017-02-18T11:25:33+00:00 diwakar_96 can any one help me to make this project LED scrolling message display using 8051 from beginning to endim too new to this type of project 2017-02-18T11:25:33+00:00 Receiving a gsm message and displaying it on lcd 2017-02-09T10:28:16+00:00 Helia HiI require help in gsm based project coding using 8051 assembly coding.The code is about reading message and then displaying that message on lcdCould anyone please help me?I have written the code for it but, the message does not get displayed on the lcd .however the code works on proteus. 2017-02-09T10:28:16+00:00 circuit analysis 2017-02-01T17:35:32+00:00 rezferten Hi,I am totally stuck to define these circuits. I am attaching all circuit (4 pages). Can anyone please help me out about the questions on every circuit. I shall be very thankful to everyone.Regards Attachment scan1.pdf Attachment scan2.pdf Attachment scan3.pdf Attachment scan4.pdf 2017-02-01T17:35:32+00:00 8051 college bell with multiple alarm 2017-01-29T17:35:14+00:00 ugoo5000 i got this project from i have design the project in Proteus 8.0 but the keyboard connection is not working on the micro controller,i mean the key board has no effect on the lcd, pls can some one help me reconnect it 2017-01-29T17:35:14+00:00 AVR ATMEGA32 Camera module+2.8" LCD ?? 2017-01-17T18:41:42+00:00 jmunjr Hi, I have been searching to find examples of a little project I want to do. The project essential involves mounting a camera in or on a costume helmet and showing the output on a very small LCD inside the helmet. The LCD would have to be pretty thin and not more than 115mm x 65mm x 6mm, prefeably a little smaller, especially thinner. These are only estimates.This is the closest I have found: only need this to show a live feed to the screen. I don't need to do anything else - no recording, sd card, etc. The unit would need to be battery operated and last for a couple hours at a time, preferably longer. I am ok with swapping batteries.I contacted that company but got no response. As you can see the camera is plugged into the board. I'd want to have a cable/ribbon to I could mount the camera elsewhere.Does anyone have any knowledge of such a device? I did a search so excuse me if I missed this. Any help I can get is appreciated. I prefer to not build this from scratch, but if I can assemble a few parts and the process of making it work isn't going to take many hours I'm ok. I'd prefer something that works out of the box but not expecting it.Any advice of references are appreciated.Thank you 2017-01-17T18:41:42+00:00 sending sms to multiple contacts using SIM900A 2017-01-11T10:47:17+00:00 Deepakvaishu How to send the same message to multiple contacts which are stored in an array of phone numbers, using AT commands for SIM900A gsm modem using 8051 microcontroller.Should I make a loop?But then how to pass the variable (array elemenst to AT command)?Thanks in advance 2017-01-11T10:47:17+00:00 I2C stuck in read 2016-12-12T21:43:21+00:00 JaguarPaw I have used the I2C library and followed the tutorial.I am using a DS1307 and a PIC16f1829 with the xc8 compiler.I have pull up resistorsAbout 7/10 times i attempt to read the DS1307 it gets stuck here while(!SSP1STATbits.BF); in the read routine.I have had succesfull reads be as mentioned before only about 3/10 times. 2016-12-12T21:43:21+00:00