Rickey's World of Microcontrollers & Microprocessors : News 2017-05-23T08:54:45+00:00 e107 e107 e107 Ajay Bhargav - Learn to make simple microcontroller projects, pic, 8051, avr and arm projects. download 8051 projects, tutorials, libraries, sample codes. join the microcontroller discussion forum and ask doubts regarding electronics. the best source for 8051 over internet. Yet Another DTMF controlled Robot 2017-05-19T09:19:07+00:00 ajay_bhargav This is an 8051 based DTMF controlled robot connected to GSM cellphone to receive DTMF tones and decoded using MT8870 decoder. 2017-05-19T09:19:07+00:00 Simple 3 Digit Temperature Meter Using PIC Microcontroller 2014-07-05T06:22:52+00:00 ajay_bhargav This project is a simple temperature meter using LM35 analog sensor connected to PIC microcontroller PIC16F676. The temprature is displayed on 3 digit 7-segment display. 2014-07-05T06:22:52+00:00 LED Scrolling message Display using 8051 2014-05-08T11:25:45+00:00 ajay_bhargav This Project is a scrolling LED matrix display project using 8051 (AT89S52) controller and 24C16 EEPROM. 2014-05-08T11:25:45+00:00 Smart Home using GSM, Bluetooth and Android 2014-04-30T21:00:40+00:00 ajay_bhargav this project demonstrates home automation over HC05 bluetooth, sim300 gsm modem using sms running arduino on avr atmega328 controller with lpg gas sensor, temperature sensor, pir sensor 2014-04-30T21:00:40+00:00 Arduino Based GPS Data Logger 2014-03-31T10:30:01+00:00 ajay_bhargav Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for artists, designers, hobbyists and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments. 2014-03-31T10:30:01+00:00 Metro Train Prototype with Project Report 2014-03-26T11:20:58+00:00 ajay_bhargav This project is a very simple train prototype of current Metro Train. This prototype is powered with 8-bit 8051 microcontroller 2014-03-26T11:20:58+00:00 Digital IC Tester Project 2013-09-22T13:26:56+00:00 ajay_bhargav The basic function of the digital IC tester is to test a digital IC for correct logical functioning as described in the truth table and/or function table 2013-09-22T13:26:56+00:00 GSM Notice Board 2013-05-20T07:38:15+00:00 ajay_bhargav This project is a simple GSM Based project where 20x4 LCD is used as display for Notice board and GSM modem is used for receiving and sending SMS. 2013-05-20T07:38:15+00:00 Android Controlled robot using 8051 Microcontroller 2013-03-20T05:46:57+00:00 ajay_bhargav This project is an android controlled robot using 8051 microcontroller and HC-05 bluetooth module using SPP bluetooth profile. This project use Android bluecontrol app for controlling robot. 2013-03-20T05:46:57+00:00 Multicontrol Robot - Control by GSM, Remote or Acclerometer 2013-02-03T02:06:05+00:00 ajay_bhargav This project is an extention to previously uploaded GSM Controlled Robot. Earlier project was only designed to be controlled using a mobile or GSM device whereas this project extends the control capabilities to RF Remote and Accelerometer 2013-02-03T02:06:05+00:00 Time Controlled solar tracking system 2013-01-20T23:04:36+00:00 ajay_bhargav This project is an 8051 based time controlled solar tracking system. Project source is written in assembly language. LDR and timer used to control direction and operation time of device. 2013-01-20T23:04:36+00:00 8051 based Inverter/UPS with inbuilt Charging system 2012-11-01T08:55:27+00:00 ajay_bhargav Project Inverter/UPS with inbuilt charging system is based on 8051 microcontroller (AT89C2051) with a rating of 3000VA. This project uses 24V DC battery and convert it to 220v 50Hz AC. 2012-11-01T08:55:27+00:00 Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter - Updated 2012-10-13T23:35:26+00:00 ajay_bhargav This Project "Automatic Room Light Controller with Visitor Counter using Microcontroller" is a reliable circuit that takes over the task of controlling the room lights as well us counting number of persons/visitors in the room very accurately. 2012-10-13T23:35:26+00:00 Football/Soccer Substitution Board (Assembly) 2012-09-19T21:28:37+00:00 ajay_bhargav This project is a really simple Football/Soccer substitution board used on field. a very professional looking substitution board. Board has two color LED display each counts from 00 to 99. 2012-09-19T21:28:37+00:00 DS1302 based Digital Clock with Calendar 2012-09-13T05:44:16+00:00 ajay_bhargav Download DS1302 based Digital Clock with Calendar with interrupt based keypad. The DS1302 trickle-charge timekeeping chip contains a real-time clock/calendar. 2012-09-13T05:44:16+00:00