Discussion in "Project Help" started by    Utsavi    Jul 5, 2017.
Wed Jul 05 2017, 11:12 AM

I am using Tasking EDE and working on XAG-49.

How can I place a code at absolute address.

In FC51 just by changing batch file I am able to place code on absolute address. But in Tasking How can I do that?

Where can I find my linker file location?

I go through Linker/Locator->Change CODE option but that show me an error.

I also change RESET_VECTOR in XA.dsc file but that fails to place code at absolute address(seen from .hex file).

Utsavi Bharuchwala
Wed Jul 05 2017, 07:53 PM
If this can be done, it will be specialised for the linker you are using.
I certainly don't know how
In 'c' it is very unusual to put code at a fixed location.
Why do you need to do it ?
Thu Jul 06 2017, 04:20 AM
Hi Experimental UK,

In my case I have made a custom bootloader for XAG-49. And I want to place my bootloader in Block 0 (0H-2000H).

My main program is large having size of 0xD147. And If I can shift it to block 1 then, I can erase all blocks except block1.

Utsavi Bharuchwala

[ Edited Thu Jul 06 2017, 04:22 AM ]
Thu Jul 06 2017, 09:08 PM
Most IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) call the linker using a
command line string.
Does your IDE have a Linker settings tab, that allows you to add items to the string ?

Most IDEs echo the build strings in the compilation message window.

If you can see that string, you may be able to call the linker separately
using your own string with the Location command added.
Mon Jul 17 2017, 06:32 AM
Tasking EDE has linker script facility available you need to link your code to start location where you wanted the code start area for application.
If you do not want to write a linker script then inside project Linker/Locator option you can specify ROM address in "Memory" tab. You can specify the start address where you want to load application code.
Mon Jul 17 2017, 09:57 AM
Hello Ajay_Bhargav,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, you are right. By writing HCODE and CODE sections address in Linker/Locator->Code, I am able to relocate program at my desire address.

The name of address I got from .map file and the syntax I got from .i file and from documents I have.

Utsavi Bharuchwala

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