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Fri Sep 29 2017, 02:45 AM
i am doing the same project on verilog please contact me [email protected]
Wed Sep 20 2017, 12:36 AM
In a missing pulse detector using a 555 timer connected as a monostable vibrator with a PNP transistor,how does the positve input pulse turn on the PNP transistor?
Sun Sep 03 2017, 02:29 PM
How do I connect an <NOKIA 1100 LCD > to an atmega328P ?
Sun Aug 20 2017, 10:23 AM
i am intending to interface sd card with STM32F4 and want to write a file in sd card using SPI protocol but using HAL only. Can anyone help me PLEASE!!!!
Sun Aug 20 2017, 10:22 AM
Fri Aug 18 2017, 11:37 AM
hi @ angel patel i will attach a file i hope it will be helpfull for you
Mon Aug 14 2017, 09:57 PM
@ angel patel... just log in and post your problem
Mon Aug 14 2017, 01:45 PM
angel patel
hey any one help to make the led scrolling display
Sat Jul 29 2017, 07:09 AM
I see the code for step motor h l 298 to rotate 45 degree, but all delay time, if I want to input sensor to h the pulses to stepmotor
Thu Jul 27 2017, 12:05 PM
okay fine



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Mon Oct 09 2017, 02:23 PM
Thu Oct 05 2017, 03:54 AM
Wed Oct 04 2017, 01:58 AM
Mon Oct 02 2017, 10:08 AM


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Are you simulating in Orcad ?Please post your cod...
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Are you simulating in Orcad ?Please post your cod...
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Hello, This might be a beginner’s mistake but I a...