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Project tested and working perfectly

Control your PC with TV remote..

Now you can control your mouse cursor and windows media player® with your TV remote... So when you are watching a movie or listening songs on your PC, you need not to get up from your seat to change the volume or to change the track.. you can simply use your TV remote to do this for you

Little description of the project:
This project is an implementation of RC5-remote reception on an 8051 microcontroller. The received code is decoded and sent to the PC IR remote software written in Visual Basic. The cursor position is moved according to the keys pressed.
There are two modes of operation one is as mouse control and second is Windows media player control.
More information on key control is given in the software's help section. You might need to download the VB library files to run this software.

If the software gives an error of missing file "MSCOMM32.ocx", the use the ocx file supplied in the zip file and follow the instructions below:
  1. Copy MSCOMM32.ocx in "c:\windows\system" folder.
  2. Go to Start-> run and type "regsvr32 mscomm32.ocx" and hit enter.
    "It will give you a success dialog.

VB Source for PC remote software available here

Yes! thats true... below is a working demo of this project..


280.17 kB





10 Jul 2014: 19:26 pm
Can you mail the source code to my mail ? [email protected]

10 Jul 2014: 21:08 pm
You can just download it.. There is a download button available.

Ajay Bhargav
01 Aug 2014: 22:08 pm
can u plz tell me how to design a PC control with TV remote
04 Aug 2014: 11:16 am
You can download this project as reference and see it yourself. If you need any help. Post a question in forum.
pc tv remote
23 Sep 2014: 02:36 am
requarement pc tv online remote
09 Jan 2015: 22:37 pm
Hey will it work for 89s51?
12 Jan 2015: 10:49 am
@raj_khatik Yes it will work. Use the same ports and pins.
alexander roamy
13 Jan 2015: 12:06 pm
can u pls tell me how it works and its requirements ? pls reply me asap
13 Jan 2015: 22:36 pm
Need Help...its not working
14 Jan 2015: 22:54 pm
Hey thanks for your help.
I also saw your ir remote switch project and i am trying to merge that coding with this one can you help me ?
15 Jan 2015: 10:38 am
@rony, please post your problem in forum explain what is the issue. Use post a question button.
@raj_khatik, I dont know why you want to merge two codes, But please use forum if you need help in merging. explain why you need to do that way.
04 Feb 2015: 20:34 pm
Is there any specific remote to be used ? If yes, please tell me the remote model..
05 Feb 2015: 11:19 am
You can use a universal remote and set it for RC5 protocol.
16 Feb 2015: 13:40 pm
sir, isn't this compatible with windows 8 or 8.1? the mscomm32.ocx is giving an error here. please help.
20 Feb 2015: 00:47 am
@pavan_san software is very old written in vb6.0 and I am not sure if that library is compatible with win8 or 8.1 This may need some rewrite. Please use forum for further help.
shebin p
24 Feb 2015: 12:00 pm
Is it possible in pic 16f877a controller?
shebin p
24 Feb 2015: 14:51 pm
Sir....Is it possible with pic 16Fseries??
25 Feb 2015: 19:26 pm
You can use PIC, but this code will not work with PIC as its for 8051. So you will need to write a new code for it.
12 Mar 2015: 01:25 am
hi sir, thanks for sharing this project, i'm an electronics students and this might be the first project that i'm willing to make, i have many questions, the main one is: how to program the microcontroler sir? do we need a pogramming circuit or something like that?
12 Mar 2015: 14:56 pm
hi sir, can i use the intel P80C51B microprocessor?
13 Mar 2015: 13:10 pm
@floydpink, Yes controller needs a programmer (external circuit). If you are using a controller with ISP (In-System Programming) (e.g. Phillips P89C51RD2 or atmel 89S series) then you dont need special circuit.

@yacine, Of course yes!
13 Mar 2015: 15:14 pm
thanks for the quick reply sir, i'm a beginner and i have no idea about microcontrollers and their programming. i would be glad if you enlighten me sir. well, the rar file includes 3 program files .hex .asm .exe (plus the .pdf ans .ocx) can you please tell me which files are microcontroller program, and how to transfer them to the microcontroller
i'm using the AT89c4051-24pu
16 Mar 2015: 01:37 am
@floydpink, Only hex file will go in microcontroller. Please post your further questions in forum. I cant explain everything in comment section.
16 Mar 2015: 21:34 pm
i din get coding for mouse.
why is mskip used?
and which remote buttons will be using to move curser?
18 Mar 2015: 09:59 am
@pal_mnc, see help in remote control PC application. If you have any further query please post your question in forum.
Alex Elias T
21 Mar 2015: 19:49 pm
Can you please sent me the source code
Mohd Ashad khan
21 Mar 2015: 21:01 pm
what is the use of these files and how we use it ;mouse.asm or mouse,hex

23 Mar 2015: 10:00 am
@Alex Elias T, Please download it using "Download File" button.
@Mohd Ashad khan, mouse.hex goes inside controller and mouse.asm is actual assembly code.
26 Mar 2015: 20:41 pm
can you please help me with pic 18 coding for the same
30 Mar 2015: 01:03 am
Kalasagar, please post your question in forum.
04 Apr 2015: 12:18 pm
sir, where do i find its coding
please help
04 Apr 2015: 13:57 pm
@rohan_verma, use the green colour download button to download project file. It has got code, schematic and hex file.
06 Apr 2015: 10:37 am
sir how to know that the tv remote is based on rc5 protocol...
06 Apr 2015: 11:13 am
It's to say how to identify. But old to remotes that used to come with 90channel to kit were RC5. They may not be available these days but you can use universal remote which can be configured in RC5 mode.
07 Apr 2015: 11:15 am
MSCOMM32.ocx cannot be copied in the systems folder.
its showing access denied.
what to do???
10 Apr 2015: 23:42 pm
@rohan_verma, Please post your question on forum as there can be many reasons you're getting this error. Try to do the installation with Administrator rights.
Babar Shahzaad
08 Dec 2015: 16:53 pm
I have tried a lot to simulate it in Proteus but still I am unable to simulate it. Can you provide its Proteus file which you have used for simulation.
Waiting for your reply
10 Dec 2015: 12:21 pm
Good day sir. may i know how to determine if the tv remote is Rc5? what programming tools that you use in building the codes? how to import hex file in 8051.
thanks for the fast response....
01 Jan 2016: 12:02 pm
@Babar Shahzaad, you cannot simulate IR in Proteus. I am not sure if new version of Proteus provide this facility.
@electronics052191, Code is written for keil assembler. You need a programmer software to program hex in 8051.
13 Jan 2016: 21:52 pm
Hi ..i have downloaded the content but i didnt find the source code
08 Feb 2016: 17:51 pm
can we use arduino board for this project? Iam interested in this project. But the controller is not available in our place. Please help me sir.
Aparna Pawar
21 Mar 2016: 21:44 pm
My project is IR tv remote use as cordless mouse. can i run this project on windows7? help me
shubham kansara
07 Oct 2016: 00:22 am
Is mouse.asm file in above zip file is Source code for this project..??
09 Oct 2016: 01:47 am
@shubham kansara
mouse.asm is the source code for the program that loads into the AT89c2051.

For the source code for the program that runs on the PC , follow the link
"VB Source for PC remote software available here", above.
21 Oct 2018: 22:29 pm
Can you tell me how to run this project??
02 May 2020: 01:42 am
hello sir, i downloaded the zip file but there is not code in C,,pls help
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