Intermediate Level     Skills: 8051,led matrix, i2c eeprom    


LED Scrolling message Display using 8051

This Project is a scrolling LED matrix display project using 8051 (AT89S52) controller and 24C16 EEPROM. This LED matrix project is designed to work flexibly to handle 1x18 matrices of 8x8 LEDs or 1 to 29 matrices of 5x7 LEDs. The total matrices support can go higher if a controller with higher RAM is used. You do not need to do any change in the program for that. There is also a software provided to upload your message from PC to EEPROM.

This project is submitted by Pratik Suthar of Government Engineering Collage, Dahod (Gujrat). I really want to thank him for his contribution to Rickey's World.

Now a working video of the project:

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10 Jun 2014: 10:13 am
this project that i was waiting for, thanks a lot,
but i have trouble with sending the letter in hyper terminal,
after i send the string, the character/letter is not appear on the led matrix, and the led matrix just scrolling block not letter or the character,,
please give me the solution,,
12 Jun 2014: 07:44 am
please somebody help me how to send carracter/string via hyper terminal to the display,?
plus is the 24c16 need to fill with eeprom file first before put it onthe module,? if it so, what eeprom file i need to load to the 24c16,? i am stuck , my led display not show any moving ciarcter /letter, its just keep moving cascade block not the letter,
12 Jun 2014: 11:07 am
@Gummy, are you using the right frequency? it would be better if you can register and post in forum. It will be easy to answer all the questions.
12 Jun 2014: 12:53 pm
the frequensy of the pc or the modul, or the baudrate,?
i am using the 11.0592mhz crystal,,
i am sorry mr ajay, i have register to the forum but i cant log in so i cant post to forum,
need your help, i have stuck for many days,
12 Jun 2014: 13:31 pm
thank you very much for your attention mr ajay,
maybe if you get the full schematic or the video tutorial to send the character via hyper terminal or the other software it will be helpfull to me,,
if you get some good advise for me please mail me at [email protected]
12 Jun 2014: 13:47 pm
if you have good advice to resolve my trouble, please mail me at [email protected]
13 Jun 2014: 16:16 pm
@gummy try to login with your gmail email as username: helygu****
I cannot help you here in comments section. If you are facing issue in login please email us at contact [@] and post error message or screenshots of error you're getting. If you have forgot your password use the forgot password link in the login box.
17 Jun 2014: 03:15 am
gummy... u mensioned tht see scroling block not charecter... this condition happens only when ur EEPROM is tottaly blank..... as u using ur project for first time... try to upload new message from PC..... while uploading message. see tht...... is block moving is stoped or not.... if stoped thn ur connection is ok, if not thn thr is problem wid connection frm pc to 8051. and be sure wid hex file.. tr is two hex files one for 22.1189Mhz and second for 11.0592Mhz.
17 Jun 2014: 03:27 am
gummy... u can also use hyper terminal for message uploading... juz put it in order..start with space and end with "#;"(widhout quots)...for example u want to upload message "" (without quots) then send message through hyper terminal ";"(without quote)..... use 9600 baud rate... startbit 0 and parity none.
17 Jun 2014: 04:39 am
thank god, finaly i get the character appears on the display,
thank you very much for your help mr ajay,,
17 Jun 2014: 06:17 am
thank you very much mr pratik,
i still have one more problem, can you tell me how to make a good rs232 handshake from pc to the micro controller,
which pin from the rs232 should be connect to max 232, and which pin from max 232 should be conect to the at89s52,?

and can i get a good software to send character/message from pc to the board beside the hyperterminal,? coz sometime i have sending problem via hyperterminal,,
sometime the character that appear on the board is not same as i send from the hyperterminal.
for example i send " first test#;" from hyper terminal, and the board is displaying weird symbol such as %< and the ouher weird symbol,
can you tell me whats wrong with it,?
ip there someting wrong with hyper terminal or the rs232 connection,?
i am using 11,0592mhz crystal,
sorry for my bad english,
18 Jun 2014: 10:21 am
@gummy Please do not post anymore messages in this area. This is only comments section for discussion you must use forum.
18 Jun 2014: 19:59 pm
i think it's good project. I've tried to compile the "main.c" file but get an error. i use M-IDE studio for MCS-51 from what kind of software do you use?
19 Jun 2014: 05:55 am
i have complitely finish this project,
and it works 100% fine,
thank you very much to mr ajay and mr pratik, thanks for help me complete the project,
thanks to Rickey world, the BEST site to learn microcontroler project,
every people in rickey world is the best ,,
thank you very much,,
baptista vilar
30 Jun 2014: 10:38 am
wil u guys piz giv me the program of tis projet, i also want pcb desinig,plz help me
01 Sep 2014: 11:09 am
sir i m trying to make this project but there is problem, i have completed the hardware section but still there is no scrolling , only the LEDs are just flashing,
and also characters are not sending through the pc.
tell me what to do........ plz help me
01 Sep 2014: 17:00 pm
Write a small program to test your serial port first. Post in forum for more help.
03 Sep 2014: 10:44 am
Hai sir,
This is A.venu and this is my final year project and I completed hardware of the project but when iam giving power supply to circuit then all leds are flashing and i cannot sending message to microcontroller.
06 Sep 2014: 12:43 pm
@Allverivenu, see the conversation above. You need to check your RS232 connections. Test using a small code for uart port. Post in forum if you need more help.
19 Sep 2014: 11:28 am
sir, is it possible to use 12mhz crystal in place of 11.0952
19 Sep 2014: 11:31 am
sir hex file in this project is exceeded above 8kb but our microcontroller support only 8kb hex file tell me what is the problem behind this
01 Oct 2014: 12:11 pm
ah! same question I have answered so many times. Hex file is an ascii file it does not mean the code size is more than 8K. Binary code is always lesser. You should not have any problem flashing this hex file.
11 Oct 2014: 03:09 am
how do i reverse the output of p2 from the code, so that they will be inverted? i want to connect NPN transistor on them. Thanks.
22 Oct 2014: 00:09 am
@ Okechukwu
md aziz
18 Dec 2014: 22:44 pm
sir, need hex code /diagram/ for led message display/usart usb based .

20 Dec 2014: 22:47 pm
i need this project very badly
22 Dec 2014: 10:44 am
@md aziz, @satin, Click on Download File button to download complete project file which includes code, schematics and hex file.
10 Jan 2015: 13:57 pm
sir how can i change the message through programmer
12 Jan 2015: 10:52 am
@gollababu, Once booted you can change message via serial port. If you want to keep message in code then change the code, build it and flash the new hex file. If you have any more questions then post in forum.
10 Mar 2015: 17:27 pm
Hi sir,
I have generated hex file from the code but the characters are inverted, could you please help me on this.
11 Mar 2015: 10:18 am
@gulshankumark, Please post your question in forum I cant help you here in comment section.
Archana singh
21 Apr 2015: 15:52 pm
yrrrrr........esi koi site bta do lispe se hamari project report moving message display on led pattern download ho jaye........
23 Apr 2015: 18:15 pm
@ajaybhargav can you please tell me how to change the word to be displayed in the p-spice simulation?
30 Apr 2015: 00:22 am
@gsdvprasad, change the source code.. I suggest post your question in forum.
Moses Okoroafor
08 May 2015: 04:29 am
Hi. I built the hardware, and it works just fine. My issue is that it is a little dim. Please can the circuit be modified, such that maybe it could incoporate a current source or sink, or any way to make it much brighter?
08 May 2015: 21:43 pm
@Moses Okoroafor, Post your questions in forum please.
Moses Okoroafor
14 May 2015: 20:22 pm
I tried to post on the forum, the site asked me to log in first, and each time i do, I keep getting bounced. I've been trying to contact the site administrator, but to no avail. Please help me..
15 May 2015: 11:02 am
@Moses Okoroafor, I will look into the issue and will reply you back on email.
11 Jun 2015: 15:37 pm
Hello sir !!! now im doing the project using 8051 exactly like that you shared in this web...i follow all the circuit correctly and my dot matrix is light up but when i connect to pc using dot matrix applicaton that have been give together in the file ..still nothing display when i send message to i need to dump the hex coding in At24c16 eeprom or ATmel AT89C52 microntroller? please help me
13 Jun 2015: 12:01 pm
Good morning. Please I complained about issues with my login. I am still expecting a solution from you guys. Please.....I need to get clarification on some projects. Thanks for your response....
28 Jul 2015: 17:36 pm
Hello sir......
I want to make this project. But circuit is not working in proteus. Moreover what changes required if i want to attach 6 led matrix..........
aneel bharath
31 Jul 2015: 21:37 pm
hello ajay, i want to display my name in the place of "THIS IS JUST BEGGINING " where can i add my name , i tried to add at author name but it can't display ..pls help me
27 Aug 2015: 13:00 pm
@ aneel bharath, Use the uploader software to write data to eeprom.
30 Dec 2015: 17:34 pm
sir i want to make a project which display just one character "A". by using 8051 controller and i need code in C language please help me .
03 Feb 2016: 12:04 pm
sir plz help me i design this circuit on proteus but after attaching hex file displaying boxes on matrix
13 Aug 2016: 11:36 am
24c16 is compulsory to use?
can i run this project without using 24c16.
i have usb microcontroller burner.
can you give me pcb layout.
how can i write any name in program?
i very confuse with row and column connection and resister and transistor connection.
plz help me.
aman gour
01 Sep 2016: 15:54 pm
what is I2C in the proteus image that are include in zip file
01 Sep 2016: 22:10 pm
Sir, Engen,pratik suthar, am glad to write to you am martins, am from nigerian i downloaded your 8051 MMD and i start working on it last week and am through with it now, good news and is working pretty fine, the problem i encounter is uploading message, and i nown Wrot on comment for help, the reply i got was i should login and post on forum, i longin and look for where to post my problem bet i couldnt fine it, bet i leter fine the problem, the problem is that am trying to use usb of my pc to power the circuit with the serial pot, and i nown went and use trasformer 12v and retifired it full wave, and on it it does nt respon and i nown replace the max232 ic an on it again an it was working fing, but befor i did dat i have replaceded the max232, two times wen i was using my pc usb power and is nt working and i notes that the two max232 was damage doring dat incident, and allso there tamint software am using for it the tamint is the bast no interferance , i will stop her for nown i will discus on hw to solv problem on dis project later, bet if the comment will let me upload the work i will.this my first time on micro programming, am good in signing circuit, mean building and interpret, i have sign many circuit bet is based on stk amplifer, 6to12v inverter and so on, i thank God and allso thank u one more you are a great man i respect u and ur programming cod, u wrote, d the amazing part of it is that the cod you wrot is programming the eeprom 24C16, and ones you upload new massage it stor pamonent in it , if you remove the 24C16 i mean the one that is already uploaded with massage and put to anther sem circuite it will be displaying the massage stor on it at dat new circuit that is an adivantage if you have two of it i mean two mmd and you are using one at home and one at your officer no need of carring your pc arong you can buy extra 24C16 at your confot at home or wen u come back from work and eat and finshed resting you can insat the extra 24C16 to the one at home and upload what you wan to display on your office the nest day wen u get to your office insat it on it and it will start displaying what you upload at the one at home, thanks let me stope her for nown
04 Sep 2016: 05:06 am
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07 Sep 2016: 05:10 am
Dear Sir,
I have compiled the source code in Keil MV-5 evaluation software;but the software while generating the hex file gave the error as the code exceeds the 2kbyte limit and hence could not compile. Could you please suggest the ways to compile the entire code in any IDE which works in Windows environment. Please provide the download link for it with your suggestion.
I am a hobbyist and helping school children to develop their knowledge in electronics in my retired life.
10 Sep 2016: 05:02 am
Please check my new post in the main forum.
"LED Scrolling message Display using 8051"
14 Sep 2016: 00:01 am
Please note.
Although the project has the 8051 in the title, it needs the extra ram of the
AT89S52 to work as per the project.

You can use the 8051 if you use a smaller message buffer.
18 Sep 2016: 20:35 pm
sir, please check my new post in main forum, mmd thanks
18 Feb 2017: 16:59 pm
can anyone have step by step tutorial of this led scrolling display?
plz help me to find full guide about this project.
rohit chandra joshi
07 Apr 2017: 08:48 am


11 May 2017: 20:22 pm
@rohit chandra joshi Please check ExperimenterUK's post in the main forum.
"LED Scrolling message Display using 8051" and use AT89S52 or C52 and ask your question in forum.
02 Jul 2017: 02:26 am
Read my post if you have problems with error "LIMIT :0800H BYTES"
28 Jul 2017: 03:09 am
please Ricky how can i replaced PC with GSM module.....please help me out..THANKS
Sayed ali
29 Nov 2017: 22:47 pm
Sir......... I compile this C program.....but my compiling time it indicates FATAL ERROR L250......
Sir..... Please suggest me about this error....... And how to solve it......
01 May 2018: 21:06 pm
Not scrolling not displaying any character
(Required; Min length 5)
(Required; will not be displayed)



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