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Wed Jun 20 2007, 09:32 am
hai friends,
This is venkat, i am trying to interface the rtc 12887 with p89c51ed2 as per the circuit and the code given in the mazidi book. After initializing and setting the rtc to update the time, I am getting some defualt junk vlaues, even if i remove the rtc iam getting the junk value in hyperterminal. help me please , Thanking you,
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Wed Jun 20 2007, 12:48 pm
Hi venkat, its easy to interface DS12887, simple map it to port 0 as memory mapped I/O. here is the pin connections...
Controller      DS12887
P0                AD[7:0]
ALE               AS
RD                DS
WR               R/W

You can connect CS to permanent ground if you are not using any other memory IC, if you are using then use a decoding logic. Hope this helps..
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Wed Jun 20 2007, 05:45 pm
if u are using hyper terminal then u should use CR command to first clear the screen before the next time display in your code
Wed Jun 20 2007, 06:31 pm
he is talking about the garbage he is receiving on the display.. that might be cause of wrong interfacing.. so use the connections as i suggested and test.

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