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Sat Aug 09 2008, 07:45 pm
Hey guys im making a pcb n cant get some of the parts at the shops in the city, a resistor array & ZIF sockets.... is there any substitute for the resistor array? & can i use a normal ic base instead of the zif socket... the pcb is that of a programmer board of some atmel microcontrollers
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Sat Aug 09 2008, 09:58 pm
You can use general resistors instead of the array..just buy the same quantity as the SIP array.
You could use regular IC socket for the zif if you can stand the inconvenience of pulling out and shoving in chips multiple times.Could result in damage to the chip too,if not pulled out carefully and contacts could go loose after several attempts.
Better get a ZIF socket from some online sources(Sunrom,TPS etc).
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Sat Aug 09 2008, 11:14 pm
k thanx man, so any idea how i could go about making this substitute for the resistor array??
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Sun Aug 10 2008, 01:00 am
here you can use homemade resistance network use 10K or 4K7 as per your requirement

i suggest you to build it at home

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Sun Aug 10 2008, 01:00 am
hi ved,
if the resistor array in question is being used for pullups of the uC then the SIP used is internally connected as shown in figure. U can create ur own SIP using individual resistors of the same value in a similar configuration.

oops , looks like sunrom and i posted at the same time.

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Sun Aug 10 2008, 01:26 am
ya its same
Sun Aug 10 2008, 03:59 pm
thnx u guys, saved me a lot of trouble
Mon Aug 11 2008, 12:16 pm
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