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Welcome to Rikipedia

Rikipedia is a free Encyclopedia of Electronics. Here you will find articles and tutorials on electronics and embedded systems. This wiki is currently not open for editing. I am working on integrating this wiki to our user database. If you like to read about an article, Please do request for it in our forum. In Future I am sure you all will help me in building this wiki and creating a great Encyclopedia made for electronics students.



AVR Microcontroller Tutorial

Learn the new generation 8-bit controller step by step*


PIC Microcontroller Tutorial

Learn to program one of the most used microcontrollers in the world.


Keil C / Embedded C Programming Tutorial

This tutorial will help you learn programming 8051 microcontroller using Keil C or embedded C language. You will go through all special programming tips.

Interfacing with Microcontrollers Tutorials


LM75 I2C Temperature Sensor

LM75/TMP75/TMP175 I2C based temperature sensor tutorial with sample codes


LCD Interfacing Tutorial

Complete tutorial for LCD interfacing with microcontrollers. Including sample codes.


DS1307 RTC Interfacing Tutorial

Learn to interface real time clock and programming for DS1307 RTC.


MMC/SD Card interfacing and FAT16 Filesystem with 8051/8052

Step by step guide to interface MMC/SD Card with 8051/8052 compatible controllers and port elm-chan's FAT16 File system library. Tutorial written by David (DavesGarage).


Stepper Motor Interfacing Tutorial

Unipolar and Bipolar stepper motor interfacing with microcontroller. Complete code in C and assembly explained.


DC Motor Interfacing Tutorial

DC motor interfacing using H-bridge motor driver. Circuit diagrams for interfacing with microcontrollers.


UART Communication Tutorial

Complete tutorial for learning serial programming for AVR and 8051 microcontrollers in both C as well as Assembly. Sub tutorials: 8051 Uart, AVR Uart, 8051 Soft Uart


ADC Interfacing Tutorials

Learn basics of ADC and interface ADC0804, ADC0808 and ADC0809 with 8051 microcontroller. Sub tutorials: ADC0804 with 8051, ADC0804 with AVR, ADC0808 Interfacing Tutorial, ADS1115 ADC Interfacing Tutorial


Matrix Keypad Interfacing Tutorial

Learn to Construct and interface a keypad with microcontroller. Tutorial includes programming example of AVR and 8051 in C as well as assembly.


Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Tutorial

Implement PWM on a normal 8051 using timers. Tutorial includes programming example of AVR (AT90S8515) and 8051 in C and assembly.


I2C / TWI Tutorial

Learn implementing I2C on 8051 PIC and AVR microcontrollers. Tutorial includes codes and examples for using software and onchip I2C.


AT24xxx I2C EEPROM Interfacing

Learn to interface and program AT24 series I2C EEPROM in your projects. This tutorial has example sources help you get started faster.


LED Dot Matrix Display Tutorial

This tutorial helps you learn controlling dot matrix display and scroll text on dot matrix display. This package contains four sample programs and proteus simulation models to help you understand better. This tutorial is available as download package.


How TOs


How use Keil Microvision?

Learn to use the most popular IDE, Keil Microvision 3* for 8051 and ARM. A video tutorial.

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