Inter IC Communication (I2C) Tutorial

New tutorial added in tutorial section, It includes following topics. AVR and PIC implementation of I2C coming soon. Hope this is going to be very helpful to all of you.

Introduction to I2C
Get to know about I2C, its specificationa and
concept behind it. Learn about various conditions involved in I2C.

Reading and Writing on I2C
Theory behind writing and reading on a slave device
with block diagram. Introduction to various terms involved.

Implementing I2C on 8051
A bit-banging implementation of I2C on 8051, with codes
written in C as well as assembly.

Interfacing DS1307 With 8051
A working example of I2C code on 8051 interfaced with
DS1307 and LCD. Demonstration of a simplest clock.

I2C on PIC 16F877A
Learn to use onchip I2C of PIC 16F877A. Includes codes in
C as well as assembly. (coming soon..)

I2C on AVR
Learn to use onchip I2C module of AVR. with example
usage of code. (coming soon..)

Link to tutorial: I2C / TWI Tutorial
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