You all might have played the famous game of all time "Snakes" on your Nokia mobile phones. Inspired from the same Sandeep Sasi went far from just playing the game and thought of implementing it on 8051 platform.

The game is built on AT89S51 MCU operating at 27MHz crystal frequency. The game uses
a 16 * 8 LED dot matrix display and five way keys for user interface. A dedicated
delay settings key provides one touch access to the delay settings mode where the
speed of the Snake can be adjusted. Highlights of the game are:

  • As in the original game, the Snake grows in size as it snatches the eggs
  • Eggs appear periodically on the screen at random pixels and will disappear if not snatched within a certain period of time
  • The snake sees no boundaries at the edges of the display, will propagate in to any edge and enter from the opposite edge
  • The Snake can be accelerated / decelerated on the fly
  • There is also a separate delay settings mode to adjust the Snake's speed
  • The game ends when the Snake collides with itself
  • The total eggs snatched is then displayed as the game score
  • The gaming console will hibernate if no user event occurs in 25secs! The game can be resumed by pressing external interrupt / master reset keys!

Small video demonstrating the project:


The project code is not just well designed but also very well documented for a newbie to understand how things are being done. The complete documentation along with source code and schematics can be downloaded from the download section.

Download it here: C51 Snakes - A Nokia inspired game built on 8051
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