This 8051 project demonstrates generation of pure sine wave with the help of PWM technique where the original sine wave is divided into n number of small segments or samples. These samples are regenerated by 8051 controller to recreate the original sine wave.

Block Diagram of Pure Sine wave inverter

The inverter will converts 12 Volt dc from battery into 110 Volt ac, 50 Hz, sine
wave. As from the block diagram, PWM Pulse train is generated and is fed to MOSFET switching circuit which is connected to primary side of transformer. Output of transformer is filtered to get pure sine wave.

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03 Jul 2015: 09:56 am
I love inverter, I am studying about it. After studying your project, I feel you haven't declared "PULSE_TRAIN" yet. How can you process it? Perhap you send me the finished result?
06 Jan 2021: 12:06 pm
07 Jan 2021: 18:24 pm
As Phucgl said, part of the code is missing and we don't have it/ can't get it.
28 Jun 2022: 07:32 am
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