New tutorial is added in the tutorial section. Now you can learn interfacing of LCD with full details, This tutorial will help you programming LCD in assembly as well as C. I have given examples for programming both in C and assembly. Please post your comments regarding the tutorial. The topics covered are given below:
  • Introduction to LCD
    Introduction of LCD type HD44780, Pin
    description and general information.

  • Basics of LCD
    Basic information of LCD like registers,
    CGRAM, CGROM, DDRAM and busy flag etc.

  • LCD Commands
    Information on LCD commands including list of
    useful commands that are used frequently.

  • LCD Initialization
    Full information on methods to initialize LCD
    and programming examples in C and assembly.

  • Checking Busy Flag of LCD
    Steps to check busy flag of lcd and
    alternative methods for delay.

  • Sending command & data to LCD
    C and assembly examples for programming LCD
    and sending command and data to LCD.

  • Creating custom character and patters
    Complete information on how to use CGRAM of
    LCD and to create user defined patterns.

Visit the tutorial section for more information
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