For robot hobbyists, this tutorial can be a good start. Covering most of the information which is needed from making a circuit to programming the controller.

This is also helpful for those who want to learn programming DC motors in C. As it contains C programming example (8051 Keil) to give them an idea how things work.

So don't forget to visit the tutorial section and take a look at DC Motor Tutorial.

Topics covered are:

DC Motor Introduction
Introduction to DC motors with
description and general info of H-bridge.

BJT Based H-Bridge
Circuit diagram of H-Bridge using,
transistors and working demo of circuit.

Interfacing L293D
Interfacing famous L293D Dual H-bridge
Motor driver with circuit diagram.

Programming for DC Motor
Programming of microcontroller for DC motors
and an examples in C as well as assembly.

Any sugessions or ideas please mail at contact[at]rickeyworld[dot]info
Tags DC motor interfacing tutorialL293D H-bridge motor driverL293D interfacing with MicrocontrollersBJT based H-bridgeProgramming microcontroller in C for DC motors
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