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Automatically sending of SMS via Nokia 3310

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AT89LP2052 connection

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Need help with Schematics

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Detect magnet position with Hall effect sensor

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problem real pic simulator MPLabx

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Greenhouse Monitoring

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help with eclipse sdcc

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hey friends,
i have updated the gallery with all new pictures from my college trip. we went to Dharamshala, Makhlot ganj (dont worry bout the spell), Kullu, Manali, Rohtang. it was so wonderful. you should see the pics. check out the gallery ;-)
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Hello friends,
if any of you find problem in logging in to the website. please follow these steps:

  1. Go to internet options in tools->internet option.
  2. go to privacy tab.
  3. then move the slider down to accept all cookies.
  4. then log in again.
hope you will follow the instructions.
and please if any message,?leave it in the chatbox.
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Website updated!

signup in formation:
TO SIGNUP CLICK HERE! or you can use the link provided in the welcome menu!

things you can do after signup! elated.png!
*you can upload you projects
*you can post in forum
*you can share your views

so sign up today!
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Hello friends,
i2c library for TWI communication, implemented for use in single master multislave configuration, for controllers like AT89C51/52/2051/4051 ... which dont have onship I2C but now can communicate using this small library.

the code size required for this is just 99Bytes, wont cost you much, but can help you in so many ways. you can use it for I2C RTC, I2C LCD, I2C based EEPROM etc. so what are you waiting for?

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