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Thu Jun 14 2007, 12:49 am
1.I dont know how to find which wire in my stepper motor belongs to which coil? I dont have any data sheet unfortunately:(
2.How can I run a 1A motor with L293D?Or pleas let me know if you have any other way ?
Thu Jun 14 2007, 02:24 pm
ok sorry for late reply, was kind of busy

1) usually you have 5 wires in the stepper motor, one is for common and all other for coil, or if you have 6 wire motor then you have 2 wires common and rest four are coil wires.
In 5 wire, usually red color wire is common and rest other are coil. and in 6 wire, you will be having 2 wires of same color those are common wires.
Now procedure for finding the coil 1, coil 2, coil 3 and coil 4 is same for 6 wire and 5 wire stepper motor.
here is the procedure..
As your motor is 12V so, connect 12V supply to the common wire(s) and leave all the other 4 wires open. Now take a ground wire and connect it to any of the coil wire, you will see your motor moving one step, if you did not see anything, then move your motor with hand and again connect the wire.
after you see one step move in the motor (say yellow wire), connect the wire to any of the other 3 wire, if you see your motor moving backwards (say brown wire) then that is not the correct coil because your motor must move forward in a sequence. So connect the motor to the previous wire (yellow) again to move it forward again. now connect to some other wire (say green) now you see your motor moving forward again..
so you got two coils in sequence. as i am explaining by example.. which is first yellow, second green.
now you do the same thing with rest of the wires, you get four wires in sequence so that your motor moves in one direction. this is how you find out wire for coil 1,2,3 and 4.
once you find the sequence (say Yellow, Green, Brown, White) you can program them by sending zero on each of the coil. because common is connected to +12V. so sending zero will rotate the motor.

2) Regarding how to run stepper motor with L293D, as you can see the datasheet, you have kind of 4 3-state drivers in L293D with 2 Enable, one enable is common for driver 1 and 2 second is for 3 and 4.

So now comes the connection part..
see this schematic diagram.
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Tue Jan 27 2009, 10:00 am
You can try investigate your stepper motor following this guide
browse this link

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