Discussion in "Project Doubts" started by    kunal    Jun 27, 2007.
Wed Jun 27 2007, 09:33 pm
hey guys,

i m not able to use the lcd addon for keil.
i have installed it properly and even the option in the peripherals option is visible.
but i m not able simulate it.
i have tried different configurations.
is there some configuration error or something else?

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Thu Jun 28 2007, 05:01 pm
you first need to add an LCD module and then.. do step by step execution, it will show you the commands you send etc.. it help you analyze the programming is ok or not.
Thu Jun 28 2007, 10:10 pm
i have installed it correctly.
what shall i write in the configuration box?
and i am using a special header for lcd, hope that is not a problem.
it is in 4-bit mode.
pls help its urgent.
can u show a demo or a complete step by step procedure with an example code.....that will surely solve my problem...
Fri Jun 29 2007, 01:45 am
well.. download the all in one LCD library as example for LCD. configure the port you are going to use..
after that...
when you debug...
1. right click and add LCD.
2. select the make.. simple to select
3. set the ports you are using.. in the boxes.. set them as.. D:0x... some number the port you are using for LCD. e.g if you are using P0 then you can set as. D:0x80 etc.
there is a yellow '?' button is there.. to help you out.
4. start debugging.

Note: it has only 4-bit interface.. not 8-bit
hope this helps you
Fri Jun 29 2007, 10:07 pm
i downloaded d library...n i added the foll prog

void main()
disp_str ("hello");

still not working.....

have you personally tested this addon ?
i have been working with a lcd header very often
i need this simulator badly....please help

do you have any messenger id.....n at wat time wil u b der
Sun Jul 01 2007, 05:55 pm
its working for me.. please make sure you set the ports.. correctly.. and of course the coding.. that does matter...!!

here is the screen-shot for 8-bit LCD Simulation

4-bit LCD simulation Screen-shot:

Tags LCD simulation Keildebugging LCD code in keilkeil software LCD simulationLCD simulation
Mon Jul 02 2007, 10:45 pm
hey i trust you dude......but its not working with me
pls chk the sample program........is it ok?
Mon Jul 02 2007, 11:30 pm
actually it will be better if you write program in your own way. i give you steps..!
send first init value - 0x30
send second init value - 0x30
send third init value - 0x30
Set the data width - 0x20
then send function set - 0x28
after that other commands.

after that it will give you the desired results just want to say.. check coding
Wed Oct 03 2007, 07:31 pm
i need a LCD simulator..help!!!
Wed Oct 03 2007, 09:29 pm

i need a LCD simulator..help!!!


sure i am here to help.. what is the problem?

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