Discussion in "General help Guidance and Discussion" started by    Jayasree    Oct 22, 2009.
Thu Oct 22 2009, 03:44 pm
Can i do Peripheral Simulation in Keil uvision 3 ie.A/D converter ,D/A converter I2c Communication etc ,If so how should go ahead with.In the keil window ,under the Peripherals i can see only Interrupts,I/O,timer and serial,Pls can anyone help ?
Thu Oct 22 2009, 04:23 pm
which ic u r using simulation is not the right meaning u hav tried debugging i think so?

wat version of keil u r using?
Thu Oct 22 2009, 04:30 pm
Iam using Keil Uvision 3.
Iam talking abt the below link.
So like wise can i go ahead with.
Thanks in advance
Fri Oct 23 2009, 09:50 am
ya sure u can do jus select the pheripherals & go to view select logic analyser

if ur adc & comparator is not there means ur using old version of keil plz update ur software u can go head for all pheripherals
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Fri Oct 23 2009, 03:17 pm
Thank You .let me try..
Fri Oct 23 2009, 03:58 pm
Fri Oct 23 2009, 04:46 pm
Selected Controller is :- 89C51
Fri Oct 23 2009, 05:11 pm
You can only simulate components which area available on controller, however if you have Keil plugin for component such as ADC or DAC you can simulate them.

There are few plugins available in our download section to simulate LCD, 7-seg, I2C etc. If in future someone builds a plugin to simulate ADC, I will make it available here
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Fri Oct 23 2009, 05:52 pm
Thank you for the quick response ..Is it the one in Libraries under the Downloads category

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