Discussion in "Embedded GSM Development" started by    ronaldo9    Mar 5, 2008.
Wed Mar 05 2008, 05:19 am
i want a circuit description over flow ..circuit diagram and refrence sites for project im working up with that is interfacing a gsm mobile phone via microcontrollers somehow..so that the data ,no matter what so ever its of type is aquire by a microcontroller based module ,processsed and then sent as an input to the gsm phone whish then tx it to the other phone via sms...

please help me out asap!!!

Mon Mar 10 2008, 10:20 am
I am sorry for late reply. Could you tell me which GSM do you want to use?
Sat Mar 15 2008, 01:37 am
HI Shailesh NAYAk
can you help me I use the Siemens C45
Sat Mar 15 2008, 04:27 pm
Siemens C45 is really easy to use.. Please tell me what have you done till now. You already have a topic going on at this discussion. Please continue there..
Sun Mar 16 2008, 11:17 am
now I use the hypertarminal to send AT command via GSM
Sun Mar 16 2008, 11:18 am
then i will adopt the AT command With PIC 16F
Sun Mar 30 2008, 06:19 pm
can i knw the detail of how to interface microcontroler with mobile phone...... :bye
Mon Mar 31 2008, 01:52 am
search GSM section chirag
Sat Aug 09 2008, 05:35 pm
Hello everybody.
I am doing a project using AT command in 6680 phone.I can simulate my project using Proteus_7.1 interfacing my 6680 with a microcontroller virtually.
Here I am using the RX,TX & GND pin of Nokia POP Port connected via USB including Nokia connectivity driver.

But the problem is, I cant communicate with my 6680 by ATmega8 microcontroller in real time.Here I need to active the POP Ports RX TX pin (FBus) without Nokia cable Driver.Is there any command to enabe the FBUS???
I know that the Sync command for initializing FBUS of 3310 is sending 'U' chat that is 0x55 in HEX 128 times. But what is for my Nokia 6680 or other Nokia S60 or S40 sets???
PLZ help me out on this problem.Thanx.

1.Whenever I connect my 6680 to PC via USB then i see a sign of USB in my 6680 screen due to cable driver.
2. But this sign does not appear when I connect the phone with microcontroller.

Very sorry for my bad English.

Tags nokia cable drivernokia connectivitysync commandnokia s60fbus

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