Discussion in "General help Guidance and Discussion" started by    Arpit    Apr 17, 2007.
Tue Apr 17 2007, 04:53 pm
Hi Rickey!
thanks for that beautiful s/w, as in readme, its b/w is give 20-20k Hz but its specifications are not clear regarding the operating voltage range.
Please make me sure with a range, no doubt no one will stake his/her sound card.

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Tue Apr 17 2007, 05:35 pm
yes.. correct well there are probe circuits available online.. you may google it.. and find out..
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Tue Apr 17 2007, 05:44 pm
its yet not clear,,,,,,
can i use the oscilloscope to analyze a 15v signal?
will it be SAFE for my PC?
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Wed Apr 18 2007, 03:05 am
i don't think so.. well.. i think Scope software is just for small scale measurements.. nothing much. if you search in google, you will get many softwares.. but all commercial so must be something different from this one.. thats why.. they are charging.. high..
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Thu Aug 16 2007, 02:23 am

can i use the oscilloscope to analyze a 15v signal?
will it be SAFE for my PC?


dear i have used that software upto 22v here is a trick just add 1k-4.7k resistance in series . it will affect amplitude of signal but not to freq.
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Thu Aug 16 2007, 02:40 am
do you have any PC oscilloscope software? please share if its a good one..
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