News Item: GreenBee Reloaded
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Posted by ajay_bhargav
Mon May 11 2009, 02:47 PM

Hi Everyone,

There has been some problems, some modifications needed in the GreenBee project made By Amit Radhakrishnan. Chinmayananda Das and ricky17 (from forum) took the challenge to make this project working again. After so much of hardware, project is Up and working.

Download section is not update with the new Black book (project report) and circuit diagram is updated. Code is available in a text file and you have to get the hex file yourself. here are few words from Chinmaya

hello readers

i m Chinmay das. i m very happy dat u hv shown interest in this project. but before start working on this project you must know somting.

1.making a project is not just soldering the ckt n loading codes.
2. whn you make a project you will learn a lot of practical things(say experince), which you will never get 4m any book.
3. To make a succesful project u need work hard, a lot of dedication, passion to work. so after lot of request 4m other people , i m nt givng the hex codes. i m given only the text version of update asm codes. i want u guies to work on it. so u find compiler software. make asm file n generate the hex codes. i have also put very small threadsin ckts... so ur job is find dos fault , ask us in the forum n v will ans dem.
4.And dont worry abt Black book. i m also uploading the .doc version of my project report to reduce ur stress. so keep working

All the best
Chinmay Icysun


You can get the updated files here: Download

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