News Item: Nokia 1100 LCD PIC interface
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Mon Nov 02 2009, 12:47 PM

Many of you thought of using a nokia 3310 LCD in your projects well for obvious reasons that its easy to interface and fairly cheap. But for the reason nokia 3310 became obsolete in market its hard to find spares. We have another option open for us, Now its possible to interface Nokia 1100 LCD with your controllers.

The following project is a small demonstration how we can interface Nokia 1100 LCD to PIC microcontroller. This LCD make use of PCF8814 LCD controller with I2C interface available, but LCD does not use this mode for communication.

Unlike Nokia 3310, Nokia 1100 LCD has different IO voltage level than supply voltage, But for the following example, both IO level and VCC kept same.The Led driver as per the manual runs with a 4.7ohm resistor at 3.6v.

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