News Item: Digital Clock and Propeller Display project updated
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Sat Jul 17 2010, 07:55 PM

There are important updates for an old and a new project.

I am talking about one of the most known project on this website and many other sites. "Digital Clock with Alarm" which was written in assembly in year 2006 when i was studying. Since then there has been lot of upgrades i have done to myself and website but the code was not revised since then.

Digital Clock with alarm (updated)

In this new version of the project, I have updated I2C library to newest library which i have written for 8051 microcontrollers (can be downloaded from tutorial section). Updating library removed the most basic problem of corrupted display. I have also merged the orcad schematic file which was posted separately in download section to this project zip file. You can download this project from download section.

Now lets talk about the newest project, "Propeller Display using AT89C2051". I requested Apoorv (Author) to mail me few important things which were missing in the project earlier and are very important for anyone who is making this project. I Thank Apoorv for his support and wonderful job done on explaining the Rotor Assembly of Propeller display.

Propeller Display using AT89C2051 (updated)

The figure explains the most tricky part of the project, which is supplying power to the rotating assembly. The updated zip file contains circuit diagrams and some improved images too. You can download this project from download section.

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