News Item: Setup your own lab!
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Posted by ajay_bhargav
Thu Feb 01 2007, 05:48 PM

Hello friends,
This is for all who think that without lab they cannot work So I say.. make a LAB at home following are few things or points that you need to keep in mind, or things which must be available in your lab before you start your work

There are few important things which you need to have in your electronics lab.
1. Power Supply or SMPS (you can use a computer Power supply which can give u 5V, 12V, -12V)
2. Wire Cutter
3. Wire Stripper
4. Solder Ion, Flux, lead
5. A programmer (must for controller you are working on, or if you have an ISP controller then this point can be ignored)
6. Screw Driver (just incase)
7. A PC (with internet for references and datasheets. you can save a copy of each datasheet you view so next time there is no need of download)
8. (optional) Common components like wires, resistors used freequently, capacitors, crystals etc.

Last but not least :D A BreadBoard if you dont like soldering or.. small component testing :) its useful

Rest you will add yourself when u feel you need something

Wish you a happy working LAB !dance

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