News Item: Stepper Motor Interfacing with Microcontrollers Tutorial
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Posted by ajay_bhargav
Tue Aug 07 2007, 06:23 am

New tutorial added in the microcontroller interfacing section. This tutorial will provide you complete information on how to interface Unipolar stepper motors and Bipolar stepper motors with your microcontroller.

Stepper Motor Interfacing
Following are the topics covered in the tutorial:

Introduction to Stepper Motors
Introduction of stepper motors. Construction
and working principal of stepper motors.

Step Sequence of Stepper Motors
Step sequence for Full step, Half step, 2-wire mode of
unipolar stepper motor and bipolar stepper motors.

Stepper Motor Connections With microcontroller
Different methods of connecting unipolar
and bipolar stepper motors with microcontrollers.

Microcontroller programming
Complete code for programming microcontrollers
in C and assembly to control stepper motors.

Please visit: Stepper Motor Interfacing

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