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Mon Sep 10 2007, 11:28 pm

yes BA1404 is available in india. costs around 120 rs.


PLEASE put its source (Address contact no,email, city ?
if you have ) in forum
Wed Sep 12 2007, 12:52 pm
I just found out from the net that chip is absolete now. I got it few years ago from bangalore electronics mkt. Dont have any contact id..
Alternative is NJM2035

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Wed Sep 12 2007, 02:46 pm
in Bangalore there is only one good electronics market.. which is on SP Road there are many shop.. Vishal electronics etc.. many are there..
Thu Sep 13 2007, 01:28 pm
can you pls post the cost of the following:

Thu Sep 13 2007, 06:30 pm
AT89S53 -Rs 85
AT89S8252- Rs240
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Sat Sep 22 2007, 12:01 pm
please check this national semiconductors op amp-and other components selection link
Sat Sep 22 2007, 12:22 pm
I am not able to find AT89S53 in Pune. Any sources?
Sun Oct 21 2007, 07:35 am
AT TINY2313 - Rs.60.00
16x2 Character LCD Module - INR 160.00
16x1 Character LCD Module -INR 140.00
PIC 16F628A- INR 95.00
PIC 16F72-INR 65.00
PIC 16F84A-INR 100.00
Sun Oct 21 2007, 08:48 am
Can u tel me the price for Atmega8515L
Mon Dec 10 2007, 07:31 pm
www.sparkfun.com - USA Many components, some with source code. Agents for olimex (see below). Great prices.

www.microe.com - Europe. Many development boards and accessories at good prices. They have an excellent multi-platform development board,and also many cool accessories.

www.olimex.com - Europe. Many development boards at good prices

www.modtronix.com - Australia. Locally designed boards- some excellent PIC networking boards with outstanding examples and Ethernet/Internet bootloader for uploading firmware Many components. Great prices.

www.futurelec.com - Australia. Many components and development tools, although the code examples and software were pretty ordinary from what I have experienced. However, the prices are pretty good.

www.parallax.com - USA. mostly stuff for the Basic Stamp. If you are into Basic, you will love this site - they have the best supported Basic based product in the history of microcontroller enthusiasts - they have many free eBooks.

Parallax have recently developed their own Propeller chip. 8 x 32-bit parallel-processing. Yep - that's right ...8 x 32-bit processors in one IC! for an amazing USD $12.95. It comes in a DIP package, so it's easier to prototype on a solderless breadboard. It can be programmed in their proprietary high-level or Assembly languages.

Robotics - make their own and are also agents for the hexapod you can see on the add for on the homepage of Rickey's World.

Lots of accessories at this store- but some can be pricey.

If you do purchase from here-send them an email requesting USPS shipping, as their courier is horrendously :-s expensive.

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