Discussion in "ARM Development" started by    shyam    Sep 21, 2007.
Thu Nov 22 2007, 05:27 pm
i have no idea how to open a video file in C... all i know is gcc is used to compile a C program in Linux
I will try if i can find documents for you regarding Linux C programming.
Sat Nov 24 2007, 11:23 am
ok.thanks alots.
Sat Nov 24 2007, 11:40 pm
are you using MAKEFILE utility? or something else to compile?
Tue Nov 27 2007, 06:53 am
No~i write my program using ubuntu.Then i use gcc to compile it.

[ Edited Tue Nov 27 2007, 06:54 am ]
Tue Nov 27 2007, 11:29 am
oww.. i never seen or worked on ubuntu..
i just use the normal VIM Editor of Linux to write programs
Tue Nov 27 2007, 05:29 pm
but now is not using what to compile the code.Now the only problem i'm facing is on the C programming to open a video file. U said that u use normal VIM editor,ok,can u show me the code?example or watever.thanks. Do u find any related C programming reference?
Thu Nov 29 2007, 01:48 am
The method discussed are quite different from the conventional
Milky u told that Linux is installend on ur SBC isnt it
so firstly u require a work space,which will consist of the following
compilers like gcc ,arm-linux-gcc,arm-elf-gcc,the other are the kind of cross compilers,now i would like to know the detaild method of urs so that
i can tell smt about it other wise a single line does not say much about what u r doing!!!I hope u got my point
Thu Nov 29 2007, 01:39 pm
people.. why don't you create a new topic? because this is going out of way as per the topic title is concerned.
Milky please create another topic so we can have a healthy discussion
Sat Dec 22 2007, 05:51 pm
Till now i was working on 8051 platform and i was using basic based BASCOM compiler . My MCU was P89C51RD2BN . I have made many products using this combination and these are working well in the field since many years of installation proving ruggedness of product and software testing .
Now with increased feature rich requirement and cost constraints i believe its now right time to switch to ARM as no of years for 8051 seems to be limited down the lane .
This conclusion is based on technocommercial comparison of two platforms i.e. 8051 and ARM.
Now since i am new to ARM as well as C i believe forum like this will prove to be a great platform for cooperative learning .
Here everybody has something to learn from everybody else and something useful to offer to others .
For this thread if we limit to learning ARM in general and avoid long discussion on any topic of personal interest to somebody particular will be useful.
As far as i am conerned to understand ARM and C i have bought evaluation board from SPJ pune . This is based on LPC2148. They have forwarded a DEMO software/compiler based on C for testing this board .
From my experience and convenience i wish to compare these two platforms in terms of known parametrs and learn to control these in due course of time .
These parameters being :-
1.I/O ports I/O pins in particular
2.LCD output
3. SPI ,I2C to use external EEPROM/RTC etc
4.Serial communication
I believe if hardware comparison of these parameters are imporatnt to learn .
I have everything ready in my SETUP to test these things .
I invite you people to join me in helping me learn these things .
I will dedicate one day each for learning above four parameters and testing software on eveluation board . I will share my experince and discuss problems on the forum . If it suits and you people feel right then please let me know . Any criticism is highly soilicited .
Happy learning.
Sat Dec 22 2007, 06:43 pm
hi vinay...
this was exactly the aim while starting the thread....
well time has really taken it thru unknown spaces n corners but thnks fr reminding abt the actual cause....

SPJ pune do manufacture good boards....
but as far as coding is concerned the compiler SCARM has a code compression same as arm-elf-gcc so wud be better if u go for GNUARM/WINARM etc...... thus u will have a full compiler n u wont require any license/dongle for it.. u can always referr SPJ sample codes for starter...

lets discuss 1. IOs today....

the foremost difference is the pin direction register IODIR
in 51RD2.. u do not need to set directions for IO pins here in LPC u need to declare which pin is used as input and which as output.

in LPC one IO pin can serve four different functions so u need to select them before using them... use PINSEL

to set a io ie. make a pin high use IOSET it is a 32 bit register since our ports r also of 32 bit each bit corresponds to one pin. so place a 1 at the pin location u want a high.

to set a io ie. make a pin low use IOCLR it is a 32 bit register since our ports r also of 32 bit each bit corresponds to one pin. so place a 1 at the pin location u want a LOW.

hehe u need to diiferent registers one to set another to clear dont mix them
remember 0 in IOSET means no effect similarly 0 in IOCLR means nothing...

so in general to use a IO u need 4 32 bit registers.....


that was frm me.... waiting for inputs..... :bye

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