Discussion in "ARM Development" started by    shyam    Sep 21, 2007.
Sat Dec 22 2007, 10:05 pm
only thing i can say is........great......... if we all continue this way then no doubt this forum will attain loads of reputation and respect soon because contributors like Shyam and most important their spirit
Sat Dec 22 2007, 10:46 pm
Shyam is GEM on my forum

I hope in future to get more contribution from my members
Also wanna thank Abbas and others.. who are helping..
Sat Dec 22 2007, 10:51 pm
what man.......
no body works without cause......
u learn frm me i learn frm u....

neway vinay thnks for appreciation....
we wud like contributions frm u too....
cause u've been working in this field fr a long time now.......
hope u contributr with some of your project ideas...

lets come back to topic......

if u have ne querries regarding ios please post it now...
next we will be discussing examples in c and assembly about GPIOs LPC :bye
Sat Dec 22 2007, 10:54 pm
Shyam... make saperate topic for each example
so we can discuss about it below

[ Edited Sat Dec 22 2007, 10:55 pm ]
Sat Dec 22 2007, 11:41 pm
ok..... basic discussions here...

started a new thread for gpio discussion...
Sun Dec 23 2007, 12:03 am
By implementing my approach you people have acknowleged it. I am basically from Mechanical side but now deep into embedded .By starting new thread for each topic it will be worthwhile to get relevent and specific information at one place . As i have said earlier one day for each topic so i will post my points on GPIO tomorrow after studying and testing software inputs forwarded by you people in GPIO thread .
Of course i have more field experience and some great projects which require little inputs in terms of money more in terms of time but are of value worth in crores that too without comptition. I will discuss these in due course of time .
Happy learning .
Sun Dec 23 2007, 12:29 am
hey vinay.....
we always needed experienced motivators like u.....
nice to have u on our ship..............
Sat Aug 28 2010, 10:26 am
There is a free ARM Development System at


I am using this with my LPC2138 board. They have added some LPC2138 examples. It uses the GCC compiler. It is good enough for my needs. I also used the included FreeRTOS which works well but you have to be careful about memory usage. LPC2138 has only 32K RAM.


Fri Jul 15 2011, 12:06 pm
I have designed board for LPC2148.any body want it then I will post in this forum.
Fri Jul 15 2011, 09:03 pm
@ BJ
post it i hope many will need it
and it helps forum members

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