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Thu Jan 07 2010, 11:29 AM

There are many threads related to GreenBee and Was confused where to Post.

Sorry If i'm Not allowed to create new Thread of Already available topic.

Sir, I'm totally confused with this project.

Our Final year project is chosen to be GreenBee.

Downloaded all the Simulation files from the Downloads section.
I'm totally new to coding stuff.
I have One month time.

Downloaded many Compilers and decompilers and simulators.
But without any knowledge of programming it makes no sense of using these tools.

Please let me know how to compile (or convert) the available asm code to hex to simulate.

In Proteus, Do i need to dump the HEX file or the ASM file ? and How ?

Please sir, I'm confused and tensed about the project.

I'm from Andhra Pradesh. And The Humidity Sensor specified is not available can I use this: http://www.sunrom.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=758

Please reply to my doubts !

Thank You

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Thu Jan 07 2010, 12:50 PM
After Struggling too Much I got this code using "asem5113" Is it the Real HEX code ?

or just any garbage ?


Thu Jan 07 2010, 12:54 PM
i think it is HEX
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Thu Jan 07 2010, 12:57 PM
Ok I get it. The code seems to be working !

But i still need help with hard ware.

Any body there ??
Thu Jan 07 2010, 01:11 PM
hi i didn't see your post.

Yes of course its HEX.

i didn't knew how to convert the ASM to HEX, but finally got it.
and seems like the HEX posted above is fine, unless some expert can let me know for sure.

The Proteus simulation says some components are "missing" in the "Design Explorer" is it to be considered ?

Now that the Hex seems to be working do i need to order all the components and start the HARDWARE or is there anything else to be taken care of ?

I'm having lesser time and am not sure !
Fri Jan 08 2010, 05:45 AM

Hello Guys!

Since i have completed this project successfully, so i am in a good position to give you some tips that will help you for completing this project

1: Start the project as early as possible before your deadline.
2: Before starting the project you must make a roadmap of your work i-e How and from where to start the project.
3: Make sure before starting that all the components are available in your local market.
4: Never start the project directly on hardware. You must first design and check the simulation of your circuit on a simulation software. I will adivse to go for PROTEUS. This is the most user friendly and easy software to use for simulation purpose.
5: Start with the sensors. First make the sensors. After completing each sensor check and confirm its output. The readings table are given in the report. Your output voltages can be confirmed by that tables.
6: Never assume that you can complete your project by only going through the given report. You will never be able to do that. There are many bugs and errors in the report. You will have to workout alot yourself and find those errors.
7: You will face a lot of problems while making this project. Dont panic at any stage. All the problems will be much easier to solve once you get deeper into the project.
8: Dont try to complicate your circuit because it will cause you problems in troubleshooting. Try to make your each circuit as simple as you can with least number of wires. Make sure you make tight connections (specially for LCD).
9: Always use male and female connectors where ever required. It will make your job eazy since you will require to unplug your certain connections at regular intervals of time.
10: Be careful while solding the Relay and Actuator circuit. A small error in your connections can cost you a big deal.

Stay calm while doing this project:)
If you face any problem feel free to as on the FORUM
Many intelligent people are there to help you!

Engr M.Mohsin(This is not me ac)
Fri Jan 08 2010, 06:08 AM
1. Hope this one month time is sufficient

2. This is where i'm little confused, as this happens to be my first project , and i dont make a good team work.

3. Locally not available but "www.sunrom.com" seems to be having Hope this site is reliable.

4. Downloaded PROTEUS and thanks to "M.Mohsin" the simulation is done good.

5. As of the sensors, The "Humidity Senso"r specified is not available can I use this: http://www.sunrom.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=758

6. As of the report i can handle. But i just want to make sure the ASM CODE given in download section is BUG FREE. Can some one confirm ?

7. Yes problems are certain to be arriving. I remember doing a very small TESTED project (Knock Alarm) and still was facing many problems. I wonder whats ahead of me.

8. Do we need to do all the SOLDERING works ourself. or can we use experts help ? as i do a really nasty soldering work.

9. Good point here ! I'll make sure of this.

10. As i mentioned above, My soldering is very bad.

Of course there are Many intelligent people are there to help ! That is the reason i' m here.

Thank you "Mohsin" and Thank you "coolmirza"

What would be the EXACT price to successfully complete the project ?
Fri Jan 08 2010, 09:14 AM
Fri Jan 08 2010, 09:17 AM
u can use a soldering specialist for completing ur PCB or any soldering process but i think u have to do this by urself! it not that HARD as u think!
Fri Jan 08 2010, 09:30 AM

Copy/Paste the link in address bar DO NOT CLICK. I dont know WHY but copy/paste show the sensor but clicking doesn't.

Thank You the quick response !

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sir could please send the code for I2C and wifi interfacing with 8051
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Sir kindly send the code file i2c for 8051
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@ Rohitnani,ABEBE..which project ?



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