Discussion in "ARM Development" started by    milky    Nov 29, 2007.
Thu Nov 29 2007, 07:42 pm
Hey guys, i create a new thread here.So we discuss here.

Armadillo-9 is a small single board computer which implemented an ARM9 processor. It's also named as Cirrus Logic EP9315. I'm doing a project as the title using this board. The programming language that i used is C Programming.And the code will be compile in Linux.

Problem facing:
Now, i'm facing problem in writing the code to open the video file in C Programming. I had searched some source shown that, to display out the live video from webcam using C language,i need a video decoder script if not mistaken.

Hope that u guys can help me on this. Whatever related link or info just post it under this title.
Fri Nov 30 2007, 02:01 am
ok i understood u r problem
i am having one application which uses spca5xx based camera just see weather u r webcam satisfies this
download the same file from link given below
along with the include files given in the program
all the files are given in the link below
copy .c and .h files
now compile ur program and see wether it works!
Fri Nov 30 2007, 02:06 am
Well as i see, you need to access a webcam and you are running a linux kernel.
So all you need is device drivers for a webcam.. you can stream a video? i think..
try this maybe it helps http://webcam.sourceforge.net/
Tue Dec 04 2007, 09:24 pm
thanks guys. y'all got my point..haha.. ok now working on it. wait for my good news.see yah..
Wed Dec 05 2007, 11:18 am
milky i am much more interested in your project.. because I am thinkin to make an adapter to convert your normal webcam to IPcamera so your project will be of great help
also i am thinking to make a separate project page for your project where we will include whole description with images and all. Special works has to be appreciated by all
Sun Jan 20 2008, 01:19 pm
hi guys,
after a long suffer, i'm back. Good news. I've done the programming part.And had been tested. It works. So now i'm goin to start for the hardware part. So any idea how to run the program in the board? What is the first step recommended from u all?
Sun Jan 20 2008, 01:55 pm
welcome back milky.. just want to congratulate you..
so what did you write? just need a refresh of everything.. where have you tested that code if its not tested on ARM?
Sun Jan 20 2008, 01:57 pm
hi Ajay,
i tested mine program on Linux environment.And everything works correctly.i can watch the live video in my screen.
Sun Jan 20 2008, 02:03 pm
oww.. great.. miky i think you are on a higher level than all of us over here
have you connected a screen to your ARM board? or how are you planning to display it on ARM board?
Sun Jan 20 2008, 05:44 pm
i found some thing that might br of your interest.....

u might have been to the link already uses uclibc functions....
hope to find their boars-schematic somehow...

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