Discussion in "Project Help" started by    krish1429    Jan 29, 2007.
Mon Jan 29 2007, 02:30 am
hi rickey.
Mon Jan 29 2007, 02:45 am
hi rickey, i am really happy that i got a frind like you, i am relly gald to knw that ur good programer. i am doing b'tech final year, after i would like to settled in embedded system ,i would like to do my ms on embedded system but i just started now. i need ur help. how to start this course? which topic i should have to concentrate mainly? i need information how to start? i m waiting for ur reply rickey bye take care c u later bye good night.
Mon Jan 29 2007, 02:56 am
Select a microcontroller and Start with assembly programming. tell me which one are you interested in you can start with that. if you ask me.. i should say.. better put hands on AVR. and get a good grip on it lol! but.. AVR will make u lazy.. coz everything on chip. I2C, SPI everything. so.. u decide. what u want..
Tue Jan 30 2007, 05:04 pm
yjank u so much rickey, but i want to differnce between the AVR and microcontolar? and one more thing how to download keil software? it is asking some details that is company details extra, i need any money or other qualifications to download it, please send how to download keil software, i am waiting for ur reply rickey bye take care c u.
Wed Jan 31 2007, 01:01 am
no just fill the normal information on the keil website and download it. nothing to pay for a demo version.

and i dont get your meaning of.... "difference between AVR and microcontroller"

Buddy AVR is a microcontroller
Wed Jan 31 2007, 01:16 am
and from Linux and Unix you can choose any. its better to learn Linux because you get the source code along. and you can see how things are implemented. Linux and Unix are almost same.
Wed Jan 31 2007, 01:19 am
thank you so much.
Thu Feb 01 2007, 05:41 am
To make full use of the material in this chapter, you need to install the Keil C51
development tools: these are included on the CD. Please refer to the CD for details.
Note: the example projects for this book are NOT loaded automatically when
you install the Keil compiler. Instead, these files are stored on the CD in a directory
‘/Pont’. The files are arranged by chapter: the project discussed here is in the
directory ‘/Pont/ Ch03_00 – Hello’.

i am not getting cd project files keil c51 software. after filling the data sheat its telling i will send to this address what that means? how can i save the project into my hard disk?
Thu Feb 01 2007, 06:13 am
Rather than using the projects on the CD (where changes cannot be saved),
please copy the files from the CD onto an appropriate directory on your hard disk.
Note: you will need to change the file properties after copying: files transferred
from the CD will be ‘read only

rickey i am not getting cd progect files ? how to use it ? i need ur help?
Thu Feb 01 2007, 06:46 am
rickey do we hav best institues for embedded system in hyderabad? can i get information on that?

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