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Thu Feb 01 2007, 12:55 pm

Rather than using the projects on the CD (where changes cannot be saved), please copy the files from the CD onto an appropriate directory on your hard disk. Note: you will need to change the file properties after copying: files transferred from the CD will be ‘read only rickey
i am not getting cd progect files ? how to use it ? i need ur help?


First of all give me the link where the above things are mentioned.
and if you want the evaluation version of the software then please go to this page
previously you might have selected a free CD or something. please go to the above link fill the form and you will get the software download link.

Regarding the institute in Hydrabad... i need to know the name. Most of the institutes are ok... the thing is how much you are interested in doing all this
Thu Feb 01 2007, 01:03 pm
rickey i downloaded the software from this site only. but i dont knw how to work on this actually i got above link from embedded programming book. in chapter 3 that is "hello wold" chapter. how to learn use keil software?
Thu Feb 01 2007, 01:07 pm
shell i get any tutorial to learn keil vision3 software? how to know about this?for what purpose we are using this software? thank u so much for ur reply.
Thu Feb 01 2007, 01:13 pm
how is IIIT-H PG INSTITUTE did u know about any more on that?if u hav more information on that reply me plz.
Thu Feb 01 2007, 01:30 pm
It is not difficult to use Keil,
First, create a new project.
Second, select which controller and of which company you want to use.
Third, add files(if already exist) or create new file save it and add it.
Forth, build it
as simple as it gets.
if you still feel any kind of problem then load a sample project. select Project -> open project -> go to c51 sample folder and open any sample project.
Build the project and Run it in simulator simple isnt it
Thu Feb 01 2007, 06:10 pm
thank u got little bit idea on that, but i need one more help to improve write programes so can i get any micro-controllar programes so that i can save in my sistem and work on that. basically i need basic concept i need example progremes any web site so that i can freely down load the programes. otherwise if u have programes please give me rickey if u dont mine then only. i am waiting for ur reply i hope i will get it soon. ok bye take care c u later
Thu Feb 01 2007, 11:27 pm
Well there are sample programs available with keil. there are also samples which help you to improve your programming skills, like there is one program in which errors are there.. you need to make it work and run it successfully. so you can see all the samples of keil and dont forget to read the abstract.txt or readme.txt file along with the samples.
This will help you a lot. More... start writing your own programs. Buy a controller.. its better if you buy "P89C51RD2". in which no programmer is required as its an ISP (In Circuit Programmable). it has 64K of Flash ROM so you can also write big programs. so you can make programs and actually test them on the Controllers in realtime environment.

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