Discussion in "Project Doubts" started by    akshaydusane    Sep 10, 2012.
Sat Jan 19 2013, 06:59 pm
How do I use HC-SR04 for only detecting obstacle ?
Because when I am trying to do so I am making the trig pin high but when I am getting obstacle in front of that I am not getting echo pin high ?
Is there any different logic ?
Sun Jan 20 2013, 12:38 am
i was suffering a browser and find this link
it use same logic don't know where the problem is going in hardware or in software
Sun Jan 20 2013, 10:20 am
So how do I use it as an Obstacle detector ? Basis of this logic ...
Sun Jan 20 2013, 12:21 pm
@ akshaydusane
are you want to detect the obstacle or want to find out the distance of obstacle
if you want to simply a detection then you can use ultrasonic switch
that output will be high or low
high mean detected low mean nothing in front of sensors
Sun Jan 20 2013, 08:52 pm
I want to simply detect the obstacle using HC-SR04 sensor...
what is ultrasonic switch ?
Mon Jan 21 2013, 01:17 am
@ akshaydusane
ultrasonic switch is a simple circuit
it uses ultrasonic transmitter and receiver to detect is anything is in front of sensor or not
Mon Jan 21 2013, 06:30 am
I think this dicussion has already discussed. the operation of this sensor is same as Parallax PING)) check out the following thread where everything is explained in detailed.

Mon Jan 21 2013, 08:08 am
@Ajay Bhargav
No Sir I dont want to find distance only detect obstacle using this sensor only..
Mon Jan 21 2013, 08:24 am
well then its much easier. if you are not getting echo then problem is with duration of pulse. Make sure you follow datasheet.
Mon Jan 21 2013, 04:25 pm
What should be the duration of pulse according to you ?

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