Discussion in "Project Doubts" started by    Rahul1993    Mar 30, 2014.
Sun Mar 30 2014, 11:21 pm
Hello Sir,
I m making this project but there are some problems that i face during the project,that were as follows:
1. Relay specification
2. Connection of relay to equipment like indoor light ,siren etc.and siren specification
3. Vcc value
sir please response me as soon as possible so that i can complete my project before submission date.
you can reply on my mail id::[email protected]
Mon Mar 31 2014, 12:42 pm
1. Relay is a normal 12V relay. You can easily find in market.
2. Common goes to neutral wire and Connect NO to Bulb so that when you energize the relay common connect to NO pin.
3. VCC is 12V
Mon Mar 31 2014, 09:21 pm
Hello Sir thanks for the fast reply but i have also one problem that when i draw the schematics on the proteus isis then it does notwork.
also i want to know the specification of siren.
Mon Mar 31 2014, 10:35 pm
There are 12v DC siren available in market you can use them. Can you tell me what part is not working? How did you simulate external events? Can you share your proteus schematic?
Tue Apr 01 2014, 01:03 am
Hello Sir i have added proteus simulation files that was made by me.This simulation file is of MCU1. Please check them as no lamp or siren was glowing/beeping.
Tue Apr 01 2014, 01:07 am
mcu1 proteus file
Tue Apr 01 2014, 01:09 am
mcu1 file
Tue Apr 01 2014, 01:10 am
mcu file .DBK
Tue Apr 01 2014, 01:13 am
mcu1 hex file
Tue Apr 01 2014, 01:15 am
sir i uploaded all the files of MCU1 . please find and download it.

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