Discussion in "Embedded GSM Development" started by    Nishant519    Apr 24, 2014.
Thu Apr 24 2014, 11:26 am
I downloaded the GSM Notice Board code by Kiran Gowle. I changed my rs pin to p2.5 and enable pin to p2.7. But only the default message " Welcome to GSM Noticeboard " is displayed. The GSM module receives the message , it gives a beep. But the received msg is not displayed.
I have changed the number also.

I have used

GSM 900
16x2 LCD

Please help me with this situation. I have attached my code.
Fri Apr 25 2014, 11:57 am
when you send message from correct number device will reply back asking for password. then you send another sms with 1234 password. after that it will display message if password is correct. can you tell me what steps are you doing to test this?
Sat Apr 26 2014, 12:11 am
There is no reply. Only the default message is displayed and nothing else.
Sat Apr 26 2014, 12:56 am
This suggestion helped me in past may be for u it will be helpful too
if u used same power source for uC and GSM then
First check if GSM is getting a signal? if yes then
press reset button after GSM get signal... then retry.... Because in simulation the at commands transmitted by uC is too quick after applying the supply.. some times GSM needs some time for initialization after getting supply..

and also check rx tx connection between GSM and MAX232 or uC(if u used GSM at TTL logic).

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Mon Apr 28 2014, 10:00 am

There is no reply. Only the default message is displayed and nothing else.


So probably the changes you've made for mobile number are incorrect. make sure the number format is same as that of original author i.e. if it was with +91 then keep +91 else just the number. coz the comparison is very strict and it will not work if wrongly modified.
Mon Apr 28 2014, 11:32 am
I have changed the number in the same format. "+91" is not included while giving the mobile number. Please check the code i attached above and suggest some corrections or please suggest some other GSM Notice Board code that surely works.It's urgent.
Mon Apr 28 2014, 08:14 pm
Nishant, Can you do me a favour and test your modem on PC as I say.
1. Connect modem to PC
2. Open hyperterminal/tera term software at baudrate 9600 or 115200
3. type AT and make sure you get OK as reply
4. Now send sms to modem
5. You will get reply from modem after receiving new sms like: "+CMTI..."
6. Now there is a number with CMTI that is the location of SMS in sim memory
7. Send read command to modem:
8. copy all the log from console and put in a notepad. zip it and attach it here.

This is the only way I can help you faster. As I mentioned mobile number comparison is very strict in the code right now as everything is assumed to be on perfect location. If any of the byte changes its location.. code might break. So if you can provide me that log I can help you faster with resolution.
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Wed Apr 30 2014, 04:03 pm
As what Mr.Ajay_bhargav said is right u can also use coolterm similar to hyperterminal and u can download it.Because we use coolterm while working with GSM sim300 module and take the snapshot of ur modem response i can suggest u some ideas to solve and make sure ur sim can be able to store only 20 messages.you can use the cmd AT+CMGR=1,0x0d(carraige return) to display the respective messages.

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