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Sat Jul 19 2014, 04:59 pm
I want to send and receive sms through gsm modem. I am using avr 128. I am able to send messages but I am not getting how should I receive a message.
To read a message I need to send AT+CMGR=1. This will read the first message. But to read that I need to read response of this command i.e. in turn I need to read UBR. Now the response of this command is big. so how should I read it ?? Also how should I take only message part from this response ??
How should I poll to check whether a message has arrived or not ??

please suggest me some good tutorial/code snippet / actual flow which will explain my doubts and help me to complete my code!
Mon Jul 21 2014, 10:45 am
When you write data, it is written to UDR byte by byte same way when you are reading you need to read from UDR byte by byte and then store in an array. thats how you read it.

Try a search in forum for reading SMS from gsm modem you will find lot of examples. And there are many project based on 8051 for GSM modems which you can easily use for AVR as they are in C.

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