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Tue Feb 10 2015, 10:15 am
sir i have connected the controller to the pc and checked it using hyperterminal i gave the command \r\n+CMTI: "SM",2\r\n as u told and i got the same response AT+CMGR=2 THEN ITS SHOWING AT+CMGD=1UNKNOWN NUMBER"() IS RECEIVED +AT+CMGD=9 on the hyper terminal.and also on the lcd its showing" MESSAGE FROM UNKOWN".i have hardcoded my friends number in the code and i am using my sim in the modem.and password is "1234".
can u please tell how to send the message from the number hardcoded in the program.is there any format with which we have to send the message or we can send any message and that message should display on lcd.we have connected male to male serial cable between controller and gsm modem as both are having same female slots .we have checked the cable also its working fine.are we making any mistake in the format with which we are sending message. please help.
plz reply soon
Wed Feb 11 2015, 10:03 am
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