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I might have a difficult question.

At work we build machine which are controlled by an FPGA chip. This chip has certain firmware which lets it think it is a 80c51 microcontroller.

The program, a .bin file, gets loaded on a CF card and the FPGA's firmware can run this program. Currently these chips are still being programmed in assembly and now I am going to program them in C.

A standard 80C51 has 4 IO ports. Our FPGA has 8 or 10. So I asked the assembly programmer for the adresses and I updated the header file accordingly (I hope).

The reason why I am here is the following: I noticed that there were no references to port P4 and P5. This is because the assembly guy uses a certain header file for a 80c537 chip. Even though his program is compiled for a 80C51.

The thing is that I cannot find this chip in 8051 IDE. And before I go look up the adresses in the datasheet, I thought it might be clever to ask around here first.

Besides the extra I/O ports, there are more features in the FPGA chip like extra timers and interrupts and such. I am essentially missing everything what a 80C537 has more than a 80C51. So I am looking for a header file for a 80C537 chip and I was hoping somebody here can point me in a direction.

I managed to get it al working. I looked up the datasheet of the 80c537 and I got it working surprisingly fast.

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Tue Sep 26 2017, 02:50 am
Happy to hear you got it sorted.
Glad we could help

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