Discussion in "Embedded GSM Development" started by    abbas1707    Apr 29, 2007.
Sun Mar 29 2009, 01:03 am
@ASHFAQ Ahmed first you send sms from micro you should know fbus protocol. you should begin from "get version firmware packet", after you can work on sms control!

@brijesh pujara check on datasheet of ATMEGA16L if it supports that speed
Wed May 13 2009, 06:27 pm
i could send "get HW&SW" to my nokia 6100 and read reply data from it, but i don't know how to read SMS on FBUS. i tried to send SMS from another to my nokia 6100, but i didn't receive anything on FBUS.
please help me some informations.
Fri Oct 29 2010, 04:12 am
Wew! A very long thread! Im done reading this but i cant get it. Hehe lol

@ajay, sir do u have a simulation with this issue in which i can simulate and manually send a sms with micro?
Fri Oct 29 2010, 10:40 am
hi romel_emperado
u can simulate all in proteus that things has simulations
i come to know it yesterday and i try it and it is true
if ur devices r serially that u can connect it to serial port send data on com port using Proteus and at the same time see thee behavior of the device response on proteus
Fri Oct 29 2010, 12:13 pm
Thanks majoka, if u will work on this hehe pls teach me also. Hehehehe
Sun Oct 31 2010, 03:29 am
if you want to monitor, then you can make use of a serial port monitor software. it will log all requests going in/out from your serial port.

and for FBUS there is a good website that explains it, check it here..

the page only tells about nokia 3310 type phones and protocol will not work for other nokia devices.
Sun Oct 31 2010, 05:28 am
Wow ajay! Thank for the link. it is very usefull. I will study that. Thanks
Sun Oct 31 2010, 07:00 am
It is worth saying that very few people have had success with Nokia phones and FBUS.
Unless you have a stack of old Nokia 3310s it is not worth going on with
Stick to AT compatibles.

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