Discussion in "Project Help" started by    Sahar    Jun 8, 2007.
Fri Jun 08 2007, 02:21 pm
I have a problem with my stepper motor controller circuit. I used L293D and Atmega16L but there were no signal on L293D output pins although there were signals on AVR pins. I don't know what could the problem be. If anyone has a complete circuit diagram please let me know.
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Fri Jun 08 2007, 03:44 pm
I don't know what circuit you are making.. but i send you a small circuit where one DC motor is connected to microcontroller via L293D..
L293D is for DC motors only....

but if you want to connect a stepper motor.. please use ULN2003 because that is best for it...
here is the screenshot... for L293D connected to µC

the connection SpeedN is -ve pole of DC and SpeedP is +ve pole of DC motor.
and use pullups to 5V for speedN and speedP.
please search in google for ULN2003 and stepper motor..
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Fri Jun 08 2007, 08:42 pm
Thanks. I'm trying to build a obstacle avoiding robot and for controlling motors I've used L293D. I don't know what's wrong with it that does not have any signal on its output pins. I dont know whether the EN pins are active low or high.Also I didn't find the data sheet u said?
I'll try to use ULN2003.
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Fri Jun 08 2007, 11:39 pm
here is the datasheet L293D
and.. yes.. for stepper motor ULN2003 is best. i hope you found relevent material from internet regarding the usage. :-)
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Sat Jun 09 2007, 01:18 am
Thanks alot. I know how to find a data sheet in internet I will really be happy if ULN2003 works!
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Sat Jun 09 2007, 01:57 am
sure.. ULN2003 works perfectly... actually ULN2003 is just to provide sufficient voltage to the stepper motor because microcontroller itself cannot source the current required for the motor coil. so we use ULN2003 or if you dont want to use ULN then use simple PNP transistor based circuit. but ULN2003 is recommended and easy to use.. and make no mess on the board
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