Discussion in "Project Help" started by    abbas1707    Jul 31, 2007.
Tue Jul 31 2007, 02:28 am
hi rickey!
i want to make a project for my summer vacations..i am interested in the project " controlling appliances with Infrared" using 8051. i have some knowledge of it , but i know that u can guide me in a better way..
i want to learn it step by step..and i hope u will help me doing this!!
so plzzzzz help me!! and kindly tell me the first step(starting 1)..
w8ing 4 u reply!!
Tags controlling appliances with Infrared using 8051IR based projectIR transmitterIR receiver
Tue Jul 31 2007, 03:37 am
for IR project, you must start with sending data via IR. For this.. you need... an IR transmitter and IR receiver. IR transmitter is of course IR LED and receiver is TSOP1738 (used widely).

Now as TSOP1738 works on 38Khz frequency. So you need to make a circuit with the help of 555 Timer IC to generate a 38Khz square wave. Then the wave will be modulated corresponding to the data we want to send. and on the receiver side, TSOP will take care of everything (demodulation).

you can search in google regarding 555 IC if you need info. Once you are done with sending and receiving data, making a remote control for you appliances is piece of cake.

There is an IR project there in our download area. you can take it as reference (for hardware design only).

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Tags controlling appliances with Infrared using 8051IR based projectIR transmitterIR receiver
Tue Jul 31 2007, 07:09 pm
we have to generate pulses of 38kHz, so why to use 555 ic ? we can generate it using 8051. what do u say!!??
Tue Jul 31 2007, 07:34 pm
yes you can do that too.. but it just reduce the load from the IC. and you can be sure of accuracy when u use separate hardware. 555 can generate square wave when used in astable mode.
Fri Sep 21 2007, 10:31 am
Why don't u use commercial remote control as transmitter? just built the receiver.
I have done with project like this but using PIC16C84A. U can control 10 equipment what u want.

Now i want to make same project with same function but using AT89C2051, becauce this IC more cheaper than PIC.

Ajay, source code on http://www.8052.com/codelib/rc5-decoding.asm is it ur code?
this code can control up to 8 device isn't it? is it toggle or momentary? what address of remote do u use? can i use 89C2051 ?

Sorry for many question...

Fri Sep 21 2007, 12:58 pm
yes that is my code i need to make little changes to make a simple project on it like you can control 8-devices. I am making schematic for this.. soon i will be posting the code along with the schematic..

Also a separate RC5 Library and PC control project (to control your mouse pointer with your TV remote). I am already using PC remote in my daily life now... it made my work really simple.

I will be posting everything soon

Regarding your questions.. yes you can use 2051.. code is really small and please make sure its for 11.0592MHz clock.. this is very important because RC5 is very time critical protocol!
Mon Sep 24 2007, 04:05 am
Yes please post ur code and schematic...
I want to built another IR Remote Control. !dance
Mon Sep 24 2007, 09:19 am
I already posted it in the download section
Wed Sep 26 2007, 06:35 am
As my comment at download section, i have to compile the asm code, but there is many error. Please post the hex code.. Can it modified, to add RC5 acknoledge using LED on one of pin IC ? (It will blink if we press RC)
Wed Sep 26 2007, 08:18 am
hmm.. you can add.. after the valid check is done..
In the code after label valid1

i compiled the same program.. also using it.. no errors so far. can you please tell me what errors you are getting..

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