Discussion in "Project Addition or Changes" started by    Arpit    Nov 15, 2006.
Wed Nov 15 2006, 09:56 pm
Please check the circuit for CONTROLLING A 100W HEATER using AT89C51.
its a 100 watt heater i want to controll using pwm of AT89C51 (pins T0, T1).
the SCRs used are 2P4M.
check out it and reply please.

the circuits are attached.

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Tags controlling heater with 8051heat control with 8051100W heater with 8051
Thu Nov 16 2006, 04:37 pm
do u want just the switching or something else too?
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Thu Nov 16 2006, 04:42 pm
i wanna have just switching on & off the heater using these thyristors.

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Thu Nov 16 2006, 04:59 pm
u can do that with a relay will be easy.. i think...
connect the heater plug to the relay. and switch using controller. that easier i think.
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Wed Jun 20 2007, 07:17 pm
yes this can be done by using a single relay only ..no need to use SCR
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Wed Jun 20 2007, 11:00 pm
well.. i got a better idea.. you need not to switch on/off the SCR, better is.. simply control the gate voltage and the o/p voltage automatically gets controlled. and for this purpose use an optocoupler to connect the SCR. this is the easiest way..
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