Simple Digital Voltmeter using 8051

Hello Members, there is a new project added to 8051 Projects under Download section. This project is a Digital voltmeter using 8051 based controller and ADC0804 Analog to digital Converter.

This project is useful for students who want to try hands on ADC and learn its working and is an Ideal small project for those who want to learn 8051 microcontroller. Voltmeter accepts 0-15VDC input voltage.

you can download this project from download section here:
Simple Digital Voltmeter using 8051

Still More to come this March on Rickey's World

There is more to come this march, and it is something everyone might be waiting for. Dave (David) has submitted a tutorial to interface MMC card with 8052 based controller with on-chip SPI and porting Chan's FAT FS Library. Tutorial is targeted on a specific development board but he is working on making it more generalized.

So soon you will all be able to use your 8052 controllers with FAT File system with whole lot of storage.

Stay tuned.. there is still more to come! as surprise
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