You all have been using alarm clocks in your room to wake up in morning, Normal alarm clock just rings and wake you up that's all. But this Intelligent Alarm clock not only wakes you up but also make sure that are you really up from your bed or left the room? Isn't that intelligent? Not only this but this clock has feature of programming wake up audio messages from PC.

This clock connects to the computer using a serial connection. Project uses a force sensor lies under the pillow to detect whether user is on bed and a pair of laser-diode sensors to detect if user has left the room or not. It also uses TTS256 a speech encoder which converts ascii text to speech followed by a 2-pole low-pass filter before being passed into an audio amplifier (using LM386).

Author of this project are just not stopping here, they have already made a list of advancements they want to make.

We vision that with future alarm clocks, oversleeping will be a thing of the past as the alarm clocks will be able sense whether the user has truly woken up. Also, while most alarm clocks today only serve to wake the user in the morning, future alarm clocks will be able to remind the user of various events in the day. Hence, we developed a next-generation alarm clock which can be programmed from the computer to speak customized alarms, sense whether the user is truly awake and detect whether the user is in the room.

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