Are you tired of getting up from your seat to change volume or songs in Windows Media Player? well then here is a solution for you.. let you TV remote do this for you... Make your own PC control project with AT89C2051 controller and TSOP1736.

Little description of the project:
This project is an implementation of RC5-remote reception on an 8051 microcontroller. The received code is decoded and sent to the PC IR remote software written in Visual Basic. The cursor position is moved according to the keys pressed.
There are two modes of operation one is as mouse control and second is Windows media player control.
More information on key control is given in the software's help section. You might need to download the VB library files to run this software. If it gives you file missing error, then download the missing file..

To download this project please visit...
Control your PC with TV remote

If you have any doubts please post them in for forum..
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